Luke Skywalker’s yellow lightsaber

How did the Jedi Knight come to possess the yellow lightsaber, though?

Although Luke Skywalker’s narrative is still being told in a new series of comic books, the Skywalker saga may have come to a conclusion in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker(opens in new tab). The Jedi Knight uses a previously unseen yellow lightsaber in the most recent issue of Star Wars #6, which was written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Jesus Saiz.

Fans have been curious about what happened to Luke’s blue lightsaber ever since he lost an arm at the conclusion of Empire Strikes Back. The sword is picked up by an enigmatic hooded person in Star Wars #1 as it rolls through cloud city, but it is unclear how the blade ends up in Maz Kanata’s hands.Luke acquired a yellow lightsaber before the green blade shown in Return of the Jedi, according to the cover of Star Wars #6, which hits store shelves later this year. The complete comic book cover art, which offers us our first glimpse at the new lightsaber, may be seen below.

Star Wars enthusiasts have already begun to speculate about the origin of the yellow weapon. According to a popular belief, Luke most likely made the lightsaber out of a double-ended weapon that the Jedi Temple Guards on Coruscant utilised (as seen in Star Wars: Rebels). Guards have blades that are yellow and a hilt that is remarkably similar to the one on the Star Wars #6 cover.The Rise of Skywalker viewers will also have quickly made the connection between Luke’s red lightsaber and Rey’s yellow one. Could the sword Luke had in the comics be what she had discovered? She could have utilised the identical yellow Kyber crystal to make a new blade despite the fact that the two hilts are undoubtedly different.

The yellow lightsaber is a tribute to the Kenner’s series of Star Wars figurines, which included a figure of Luke Skywalker carrying a retractable yellow blade, according to Charles Soule, the creator of Star Wars #6.Even while some readers would have loved reading about this in the issue, this year, Christmas came early. Why does Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars series I’m writing, which is set in between Empire and Jedi, have a yellow lightsaber? There are several, but this is a significant one.In recent weeks, the Star Wars comics have been in the news. Online debate was recently sparked by Padmé’s unexpected reappearance. Padmé, it seems out, may not have perished in Revenge of the Sith. We went in-depth on how the formerly deceased Princess may still be alive in that far-off galaxy (opens in new tab).Want to see the Star Wars films again? The Star Wars timeline is provided here as well as instructions on how to view the films in chronological sequence (opens in new tab).

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