Guild Wars 2 enthusiasts may recognise the flying mechanics and wow mounts from World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight.

Players of World of Warcraft are voicing their opinions on Dragonflight’s flying wow mounts. The upcoming World of Warcraft instalment, Dragonflight, was revealed by Activision Blizzard yesterday. The long-running MMORPG’s ninth expansion will largely emphasise “Dragonriding,” as the title of the recently released update implies.After World of Warcraft: Dragonflight was revealed, users expressed their opinions about the new flying mounts on Reddit. In a video submitted to the game’s subreddit(opens in new tab), Lordht7 contrasts them to the flyable dragons of Guild Wars 2, another MMORPG. The flying movements in Dragonflight are very similar to those in Guild Wars 2, suggesting that Activision Blizzard has been plagiarising ArenaNet’s work.

Players don’t seem bothered by the resemblance—far from it—they appear to be thrilled to see World of Warcraft copy the superior flying system of the rival game. As Silverskeejee observes “Really, the mount mechanism in GW2 is fantastic. Every mount is significant, it’s enjoyable, and you truly do feel like you’ve earned them. Other games including it have my full support.” Iwearatophat, a user, concurs and says, “They shouldn’t try to create anything entirely new. I’m alright with them using elements from previous games and adding their own spin to create a wonderful game because I want them to.”

But as another user points out, while venturing outside of the Dragon Isles, players may have to employ the much bulkier horses. GearyDigit speculates that the new expansion zone may be all that changes and that helicopter mounts will remain the same everywhere else. In a humorous video that was also posted on the World of Warcraft community, Rigman articulates the same idea. The video, titled “How Flying in Dragonflight is Going to Feel,” illustrates how spectacular flying will be in the Dragon Isles in contrast to the far less sophisticated flying accessible anywhere else.Some fans prefer the current flying mechanics, while others believe it’s time for a complete overhaul. The author kaynpayn states, “They’re thrilled about it, we’re excited about it, so move on then.” “Just fix any problems or flaws as soon as they appear. A lot of labour to update things is just not an adequate justification in this case. Big or nothing at all.”Activision Dragonflight for World of Warcraft hasn’t had a release date declared by Blizzard, although it could be coming soon. Theoretical release dates predict a 2023 debut.

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