who is the strongest pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

You may want to know who is the strongest pokemon from Sword and Shield in your party.who is the strongest pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, while there are many of them? We chose the strongest Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokemon, which are essential if you want to conquer your opponents because the term “best” will always be arbitrary. The top 10 Sword and Shield Pokemon are listed below.

1.      Hydreigon

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Type: Dragon or Dark

Sword Exclusive is where. Available by developing from Deino, which can be found in the Wild Area’s Lake of Outrage.

The third and final evolved form of Deino, Hydreigon, comes in at number ten on our list. A Pokemon of the Dark/Dragon type, Hydreigon is characterised by having an extremely high Special Attack stat and a typically large basic stat pool. As a result, he poses a serious threat in combat, especially considering that his Dark Type is capable of defeating any Pokemon, including Ghost Types.

2.      Diggersby

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Location: the Giant’s Cap, Axew’s Eye, and Giant’s Seat sections of the Wild Area

Type: Ground / Normal

Diggersby has a secret ability in its Ability – Huge Power, despite its unimpressive appearance on paper. Because it is a regular kind, you can be certain that it can employ a variety of attacks, making it the most powerful bunny you have ever seen. This doubles its attack.

3.      Excadrill

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Location : The Lake of Outrage and Giant’s Mirror areas of the Wild Area

Excadrill is a powerful opponent because to its high Attack stat, but it is also particularly efficient against the notoriously tricky Fairy Type thanks to its Ground / Steel Type. Its strikes, Earthquake and Iron Head, frequently cause one hit knockouts of enemies in combat.

4.      Galarian Darmanitan

Type: Fire in Zen Mode or Ice.

Only at Sword, please. evolves with an Ice Stone from Darumaka (found on Routes 8, 10)

Galarian Darmanitan is not just on this list because he resembles the Abominable Snowman from Monster Inc., but he is also a strong party member. Its Zen Mode Hidden Ability allows it to use Fire and Ice Type techniques and raises its Attack stat to 160.

5.      Conkeldurr

Type: Combat

Location: Derives from Gurdurr, which can be found on Route 8 and in the Wild Area’s Stony Wilderness section.Conkeldurr, who has a basic Attack stat of 140, is a remarkably powerful adversary. Its ability, Sheer Force, which eliminates the secondary effects of incoming blows and boosts its damage by 30%, makes this extremely clear.

6.      Tyranitar

Type: Dark and Rock

Location: Only the Shield. evolves from Pupitar, which can be found in the Wild Area’s Lake of Outrage.

Due to its consistently excellent basic numbers, Tyranitar is among the greatest Pokemon ever. It’s an ideal addition to your party because moves like Stone Edge, Dragon Dance, Crunch, and Earthquake are always going to be heavy hitters.

7.      Rillaboom

Kind: Grass

Location: Starter Pokemon Grookey’s final evolution

Rillaboom is an excellent Pokemon Sword and Shield Starter Evolution, even if he isn’t the quickest. One of its special attacks, Drum Beating, has 80 Power and decreases the opponent’s speed in addition to having good base stats, making it one to watch.

8.      Cinderace

Fire type

Location: Scorbunny, a starter Pokemon, in its final evolution

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Scorbunny distinguishes out as the last starter evolution because of its strong Speed and respectable Attack, ensuring that it can always attack first. It also possesses a superb special move called Pyro Burn, which has 90 Accuracy and 120 Power and can burn the target.

9.      Gyarados

Type: Flying/Water

Location: Route 2, as well as the Wild Area’s Dusty Bowl and Giant’s Cap sections.

Like Tyranitar, Gyarados is renowned for consistently being among the strongest Pokemon of all time—especially in light of its modest, flashy origins. It has a remarkable 125 Attack stat and the ability to utilise Dragon Dance.

10.  Dragoon

Type: Ghost or Dragon

Location: At Lv. 60, evolves from Drakloak. The Wild Area’s Lake of Outrage area is where you may find Drakloak.

As the strongest Pokemon in the Pokedex at the moment, Dragapult is difficult to suggest as the top Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. With its movepool paired with its 142 Speed and 120 Attack stats, it is a powerful force.


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