Which is the best Polkadot wallet to choose for storing DOT tokens?

Bitcoin has been a popular cryptocurrency ever since it made its emergence in the world economy. It is the first cryptocurrency known in the crypto market. Although, it remains a globally popular cryptocurrency admired by most investors, still, now it is no more a buzz today due to numerous alternate options available in the market. And with that, the curiosity for cryptocurrency wallets has also grown. Now to store DOT tokens, one needs to search for the best Polkadot wallet. 

These days you can find numerous options in the crypto market. The new digital money technology has brought a big change in the new way of buying goods, making traditional banking outdated. Polkadot comes as one such promising crypto. Gavin Wood, the co-founder of Ethereum is behind the creation of this platform. 

Web3 Foundation is known to be behind its current development. It has a native cryptocurrency named DOT which is also added to the list of major crypto trading platforms in 2021. According to claims by its developers, Polkadot (DOT) is a decentralized cryptocurrency that can be connected with private and public blockchains, which defines its use in current and future scenarios. The big claims and robust foundations on which this blockchain technology stand gives assurance to crypto wallets and exchanges assuring the need to invest in this new crypto coin. 

The best Polkadot wallet to choose

Witnessing the major success of Polkadot with its massive following in the cryptocurrency world, now many wallets have willingly welcomed the latter crypto in their list. However, if you are interested in doing transactions with Polkadot, then you must have a wallet for it. These come in different ranges similar to the size of a credit card or a huge USB. Let’s check out the top Polkadot wallet and other alternatives below. 


imToken comes as the best Polkadot wallet to consider for storing your DOT tokens. This software wallet is appealing to both iOS and Android phone users. The major benefit of this Polkadot wallet is the storage capacity of 200,000 coins of different varieties at the ease of users. It can also be used for staking, sending, and receiving Polkadot. imToken is acquainted with rich features including touch ID, Wallet Connect, and Dapps browser for improving security and accessibility. 

If you are looking for other alternatives here are they:

SafePal Wallet

As the name suggests, the people behind the making of the SafePal wallet have planned it for safety motives. The design of this Polkadot crypto wallet has been made for ease for iOS and Android users. Plus, the availability of a hardware wallet option is an added advantage. The development of this hardware wallet is done hundred percent offline cloud storage with air-gapped signing, and self-destructing tool by the trusted Binance Lab. 

Atomic Wallet

The Atomic wallet also comes as the best Polkadot wallet app supporting multicurrency storage. Also, it is known to be compatible with Ubuntu, Windows, iOS, UI, Mac, Debian, Android, and Fedora. This brings its importance as a versatile DOT wallet. It makes the best use of its simplex system as a way to buy DOT and other crypto coins.

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