List of Weird Movie Haircuts

Kingpin (1996)

The Haircut: It was in the middle between an overgrown mess and a comb-over. Better for bowling with, yes?

Strangest Detail: It looks like mouldy candy floss floating in the wind, all airy and wispy. That scalp looks to be begging for even the hair to fall off.Whether It Works Ernie need to just make due and purchase a stylish bowling cap. Anything is preferable to such abomination.

Weird Movie Haircuts- feature iamge 1


Working Girl (1988)

Weird Movie Haircuts- feature iamge 2

The Haircut: An 80s Onslaught! By using hairspray and a backcomb, Joan Cusack and Melanie Griffith create the illusion that they have been pulled through a bush backwards. A much.

Strangest Detail: The hair, in a way that makes you think they’re being sardonic. Joan, what about shoulder pads?

Whether It Works Hold a lit flame next to that mass of curls that have been hairsprayed while yelling, “I’m going to do it!” and it’ll be cleared out in less than a New York minute.


Con Air (1997)

Weird Movie Haircuts- feature iamge 3

The Haircut: This mullet is only one of many horrible crimes against innocent hair that Nic Cage has committed in the name of hairiffic ‘dos.

The strangest feature is that it is long in the back and sides and clearly recedes towards the crown. Cage could use some advice from Ernie from Kingpin.

Whether It Works You surely wouldn’t mess with this guy physically, given that his hairstyle almost resembles that of a wrestler. He’d definitely cry if you yelled insults about his crop, though.

Unbreakable (2000)

Weird Movie Haircuts- feature iamge 4

The Haircut: Samuel L. Jackson’s typically gleaming, shaved bonce has a black puff of cloud on top.

Most bizarre detail: It mostly simply seems like a wig, which is sort of in line with the eccentric persona.

Whether It Works It makes this person seem a little bit broken in more ways than one, which is really unsettling.


Jonathan Suede (1991)

Weird Movie Haircuts- feature iamge 5

The Haircut: A mountainous quiff, the sort that all other quiffs secretly discuss over campfires.

Strangest Detail: It’s enormous! In fact, it resembles a beehive quite much. Is Johnny truly aiming for that?

Whether It Works If size is important, this is the literal pinnacle achievement. But how useful is that stuff, really? Because Johnny effectively has two heads, doorways aren’t designed for him.


The Fifth Element (1997)

The Haircut: Chris Tucker appears to be carrying a large laser in his hair as he moves about. That or a little less flavorful alternative.

Strangest Detail: What exactly is that large, sticking-out hair funnel? Now that I think about it, don’t even try to respond.

Whether It Works Tucker defeated Lady Gaga, who would have thought it? ), and if NASA ever needs a new launchpad for their newest spaceship, this should work.


The Accused (1988)

The Haircut: Sarah Tobias, a rape survivor, gave herself a self-inflicted hackjob.

Strangest Aspect: It’s so spiky! And strange! And, let’s be honest, it doesn’t actually look nice at all. Given that the “do” is a result of Sarah’s awful attack, we are aware that we shouldn’t say that, but anyway. Visit a hair salon the next time.

Whether It Works Despite how awful the hairstyle is, it helps highlight Tobias’ razor-sharp cheekbones.


No Country For Old Men (2007)

The Haircut: A wonderful bowl cult, as serial murderers ostensibly don’t frequent hair salons and instead turn to doing their own hair cuts while on the prowl.

Strangest Detail: It appears as though Chigurh trimmed his hair with a bowl.

Whether It Works It’s amazing that Chigurh has such terrible hair and still manages to be a genuinely fearsome murderer. We actually quiver in dread even when we should be laughing ourselves silly. And it just applies to the hair.


Zoolander (2001)

The Haircut: Mugatu chooses a peroxide white perm, taking fashion cues from his poodle.

Strangest Detail: His chin’s extra piece of fuzz practically resembles a lady V. Shudder.

Whether It Works Although it’s not the most absurd item on this list, in the world of fashion, the crazier the better.


Dreamgirls (2006)

Eddie Murphy’s haircut is a recreation of Samuel L. Jackson’s from the film Unbreakable with the addition of lacquer for serious hold and form.Strangest Fact: How large is Murphy’s forehead? Here, the flesh is a protruding shelf that is well-hydrated. The hair itself, meanwhile, appears to have just emerged from a gelatin mould. Wrong.

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