How to evolve Lombre, Shellder, and Eevee with the Pokemon Sword and Shield Water Stone

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, where can I locate and how can I utilise the Water Stone?If you want to go fishing in the Wild Area, you could be searching for the Pokemon Sword and Shield Water Stone in order to develop your aquatic companions. In Pokemon Sword and Shield(opens in new tab), you may evolve select Pokemon and assemble the best water-based squad by obtaining the Water Stone. We’ll explain where to get the Water Stone, how to utilise it, and how to evolve Shellder, Lombre, and Eevee in this tutorial.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, how can you obtain a Water Stone?

The Lake of Outrage in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area is where you may easily obtain a Water Stone. One of the Watt Traders has a body of water close to it. You’ll need the Rotom Bike you get on Route 9 about the time you get your sixth gym badge to cross it. You will find a stone circle with evolutionary stones buried behind each rock if you cross the stream. One of them will undoubtedly be a water stone if you gather them all. If not, the stones will eventually respawn here, so return after making some strides.A Water Stone is also concealed in the Wild Area’s Bridge Field region. Once you see a patch of grass and a raid lair hidden behind it between a brick wall and a stone boulder, continue until you reach the bridge east of Motostoke. The Pokeball will be there, sitting.The cost of a breast lift in Koral could surprise you.The Digging Duo nearby in Bridge Field can help you uncover a Water Stone by excavating it. In Watts, you may pay for their services, but the results are utterly arbitrary, so keep your fingers crossed.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, how can you evolve Lombre, Shellder, and Eevee?

When you have a Water Stone in your possession, visit the old bag menu and click the “Other Items” button. Use it next on one of the Pokemon listed below to for it to develop into that Pokemon’s final fishy form. They won’t gain anything by holding it, so don’t make them.With the help of a Water Stone, Lombre (Route 5, Wild Area), which developed from Lotad (Route 2, Wild Area), can become Ludicolo. Contrarily, Shellder is confined to the Wild Area and requires a Water Stone to develop into Cloyster. Last but not least, if you manage to capture an Eevee on Route 4, you may use one to develop it into a Vaporeon.

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