Watch Dogs got its own games manga series.

Shirato Seiichi will pen the series’ scripts, while Kamo Syuhei will illustrate it.A fan of Watch Dogs? Enjoy games manga? The good news is that a new manga series based on the grim, high-tech Ubisoft franchise will be released the following week.The series, which is produced by Shinchousha and makes its Japanese debut on April 12 through Kurage Bunch, will be written by Shirato Seiichi (Princess Principal) and illustrated by Kamo Syuhei (Gangsta: Cursed) (thanks to Anime News Network).There is currently no information on whether – or even if – anyone associated in the games is also contributing to the manga, despite the fact that every tweet about the series explicitly acknowledges the manga’s beginnings as a Ubisoft video game.

Manga Mogura RE posted an image along with the statement, “A new manga series based on the Watch Dogs video game franchise by Ubisoft dubbed “Watch Dogs Tokyo” will debut on Kurage Bunch website on April 12, 2022.”

On April 12, 2022, the Kurage Bunch website will debut “Watch Dogs Tokyo,” a new manga series based on the “Watch Dogs” video game franchise by Ubisoft. It will be illustrated by Kamo Syuhei (Gangsta: Cursed) and written by Shirato Seiichi.

“The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will deploy a unique new infrastructure system from a firm named Bloom Japan to transform people’s lives. However, this new system actually harbours a terrible darkness as well “Mogura tacked on.

The new setting will be instantly clear to anybody who has played the games before, since the first game was set in a near-future version of Chicago, while the second and third games took place in San Francisco and London, UK, respectively. This implies that the Tokyo plot will most likely be completely original to the show and may even introduce us to new characters.

Even though Watch Dogs: Legion, the third game in the series, had only been available for 15 short months when the most recent update, 5.6, was published, Ubisoft announced that it would be the game’s final update .

“We are really proud of the game we’ve made and grateful to each and every one of you for travelling with us to London over the last year. We forward witnessing more of your Legion experiences! “The group stated.

Remember that comic book publisher Behemoth also published a line of Watch Dogs: Legion comic novels, which debuted in November 2021.


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