UAE- UK Travel Demand Up By 90% Compared to Winter 2021

UAE-UK air traffic is recovering robustly after a year of pandemic-triggered restrictions at Heathrow Airport in London, according to travel experts. The UK’s second busiest airport, London Heathrow (LHR), is seeing 90 percent more bookings than in 2021, according to data Travel, the UAE’s leading travel agency.

In Spite of the Fact:

That a small number of travelers are concerned about the pre-Christmas strike of Heathrow baggage handlers affecting their holiday plans, travel experts have confirmed that UAE carriers will not be affected. Aer Lingus, Finnair, Arab Airlines, Egypt Air, Swiss Air, Air Canadian, American Airlines, Lufthansa, Swiss Air, Austrian Airlines, Qantas, Egypt Air, Lufthansa, Swiss Air, Swiss Air, and Swiss Air may be affected by the three-day strike, according to industry experts.

During the peak travel season for Dubai and the UAE, as well as for trips tied to the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Doha beginning on November 20, London’s Heathrow has lifted its daily passenger cap. Since Heathrow International Airport started outgoing passengers from 100,000 per day on October 30th, travel agents have experienced a spike in demand for UAE-UK travel. Staff shortages at the city’s premier airport forced the airport to impose the daily limit throughout the summer and into late October.

Travel Between the UAE and the UK is Booming:

The winter 2022-23 season will be a time of increased travel to the UK and Europe, according to Meerah Ketait, Head of Retail and Leisure UAE at dnata Travel. There has been a 90 percent increase in bookings compared to 2021 for this route. For winter 2022-23, the UK is also one of the most popular hotel booking destinations, with London taking 70 percent of hotel bookings and Manchester, Edinburgh, and Glasgow taking the rest.

“These major UK cities have become increasingly popular for travel this year as customers seek out hotels near the world’s most famous festive markets and other events,” she explained. A significant increase in inbound traffic is also being witnessed from the United Kingdom to the UAE, since many Britons are drawn to the Emirates for their pleasant winter weather conditions.

“This is a time for leisure travel,” said Afi Ahmed, Managing Director of Smart Travels. UK-bound traffic is mostly caused by British expats returning home for Christmas. Britons who are interested in spending winter in the UAE are among those traveling to the UAE from the UAE. Travelers from the UK are also flocking to the Emirates in large numbers due to the FIFA World Cup.

According to travel aggregator SkyScanner, flights from Dubai to London cost Dh2,681 on average whereas flights from Abu Dhabi cost Dh4,495 (Etihad Airways) for departure on December 9 and return on January 2.

UK Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) Scheme:

As of January 2023, all GCC nations, including the UAE, will be required to conduct Electronic Travel Authorizations (ETAs). Emirates citizens will no longer need visas to travel to the UK from 2023; instead, they will be able to apply online for an ETA in advance of their scheduled trip. All eligible countries are now eligible for the ETA scheme, which provides smooth and easy access to the United Kingdom. Until the introduction of ETAs in 2023, UAE travelers may continue to use the Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW), which can be completed electronically.

Make Your Visa Application As Early As Possible:

According to Gulf News, VFS Global is also seeing steady demand for UK visas for end-of-year travel in regard to visa applications. Nevertheless, it is advised that travelers apply for visas well in advance to avoid hassles at the last minute. The UK Visas and Immigration department states that “visit visas, including standard visitor visa applications, are being processed on average in five weeks; however, some applications may be processed more slowly.”. As we work to restore the three-week service standard, we hope to process applications as quickly as possible.” During the calendar year ending September 2022, 2,610,024 visas were granted, 18% fewer than during the same period in 2019, primarily because 1.2 million fewer visitor visas were granted. In spite of this, franchise numbers have continued to rise following the global pandemic.

It said that 48 per cent of the visas granted within the last 12 months were for visiting, 23 per cent were for studying, 15 per cent were for working, three per cent for family reasons, and 11 per cent for other reasons.

The Following Are Some Travel Tips:

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