The Best Kid Backpacks for School, According to Expert

The guide was revised in July 2022 prior to the school year 2022-2023 to include more details about the best ways to shop for kid backpacks as well as how we assess bags with our equipment for lab testing. We also inspected to ensure that all the items tested and approved through The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab were available and represented the current price. We also added brand-new suggestions that came from Five Below, Bentgo, and CAMP.

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One of the most enjoyable aspects of shopping for back-to-school is picking out a brand-new backpack however there’s a lot of pressure to choose one that is suitable for both parents and children. It should be large with compartments that keep the school supplies in order, durable which means it won’t need to be replaced as often, and stylish so that your child will desire to wear it.

The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab tests kid backpacks of all types which include backpacks for college students, travel backpacks laptop backpacks, laptop backpacks, and many more. If we are testing backpacks designed for children, we look at the durability of features such as the strength of the fabric and resistance to abrasion as well as the comfort aspect such as the amount of padding on the straps and the weight of the backpack when empty. We also evaluate their overall appearance and the organizational elements and verify that the fabric is waterproof to shield the contents from the rain. We also have the standard load of packing for different age groups to determine if they can fit everything they require. The kid backpacks that we recommend are winners in our tests, as are several new designs that come with distinct features and high praise.

Find out more about the top kid backpacks suitable for all ages and grades. Find out more details on how we test our products and the things to consider when shopping at the bottom of this post.

Our top picks for the best:

Original Book Pack

L.L.Bean’s backpacks have consistently been high-performing in tests. They have stood out because they are durable, practical, and child-friendly due to the wide variety of designs. The material is durable enough to stand up to our water and abrasion tests, which means you can count on it to last for a long time. This particular version is the brand’s most adored (and the most basic) design and is going to be celebrating 40 years of existence in 2022 which shows it’s been able to stand the tests of time.

There’s also a good amount of padding in the back and along the shoulder straps, as well as reflective strips to help you stay safe. It’s machine washable, so you can clean it and use it again for many years. One thing that needs to be pointed out is the lack of straps around the waist or chest for additional support. Inside, the bag is the main compartment and two front pockets that can be used for organization. To make the most of space you can choose the Deluxe Book Pack version has two compartments that are large.

Single Webbing Backpack

Kid Backpacks can be costly however this one for $5 is difficult to beat. Although it’s not the most durable model that you can find, it has essential features like padded straps, a water bottle compartment as well as a big main compartment. There’s even an additional pocket on the front for quick access to the important items. If the one you’ve chosen isn’t your style, Five Below offers an array of different colors and styles at a price of $5.

We’re currently looking into the backpack in greater detail we’ll update the review in the near future with more details. However, take note that the backpack is spot-clean only.

Mackenzie Backpack

This backpack is a perfect mix of the fun of backpacking with practicality for children. In the beginning, it comes with prints and colors that fit all kinds of designs including heart-shaped rainbows and rainbows, dinosaurs as well as sports, and Disney themes. It is also possible to monogram them for just $10, making it more personal.

Apart from looking pretty and stylish, the bag impressed our experts with its sturdy and water-resistant material with padding for the back and shoulders with pockets and straps organized at the front. Additionally that it passed our lab’s testing for packing with an ordinary load. Additionally, it is available in a variety of different sizes and sizes, including a variety of sizes for all ages, plus the pencil and lunch bag cases.

How do we test kid backpacks?

We first separate backpacks based on their intended age group to take into account variations in capacity, size, and other characteristics. Our experts then run the backpacks through a test wringer to determine their durability, performance, and user-friendliness. This is how each backpack is assessed:

  • The design includes: The backpacks are carefully examined and scored based on whether or not they’ve got padding for back and shoulders storage compartments to store water bottles, electronic devices, straps for the waist and shoulders, as well as compartments for organization.
  • Strap padding It is important to measure the width of shoulder straps in order to ensure that there is enough padding to relieve stress on the upper part of the body.
  • Weight Analysts track the weight that is empty of the backpack to ensure the backpack doesn’t put children down.
  • Testing of packing: Using a standard load for every category of age, our experts make sure to pack every bag in order and take note of whether it fits the whole assortment.
  • Strength of fabric Our machine known as an Instron can tear apart the fabric of backpacks to determine how much force is required to break the fabric.
  • Abrasion resistance The bag’s swabs are put into our abrasion machines (pictured above) Then, they are rubbed on rough materials 15,000 times, and visually scored for indications of damage.
  • Resistance to water: Lab pros use the spray test method that involves water being sprinkled onto the fabric by an instrument that controls the flow rate and amount. Then it is compared against an image standard to determine whether the water has penetrated the fabric.
  • Test of Drop: The backpack is filled with a normal weight to mimic the weight of a real one that is then dropped by hand from a height of 3 feet. The backpack is then assessed and scored on the basis of signs of damage. This is repeated for three drops.

What should you look for when shopping for kid backpacks

There’s no universal solution for purchasing bagpacks, which is why it’s important to think about your children’s needs according to their size and the grade they are in. This is what you should remember when you shop:

  • Size: Check this chart, or listing to confirm that the backpack is the correct size to fit your kid. Certain brands offer a variety of sizes for each type and some kid backpacks are designed for specific age categories. If your child is an in-between size, they might need to reduce the size so that they don’t carry an item that is too large for their size.
  • Material: Nylon is the strongest material for bagpackspro, but polyester also held up very well in our tests. For kids who are uncooperative with their bag think about a backpack that has a reinforced bottom.
  • Storage compartments for an organization: This will vary depending on the age of your child, but you should consider whether your child will require a laptop bag, multiple compartments with zippers, internal pouches, and side pockets for water bottles.
  • Shoulder straps: Shoulder straps need to be bent
    for a snug fit, and designed to alleviate the stress on the upper
    body. Verify that the straps are adjustable. could be
    It is now tightened so that the bag isn’t sagging below the lower back.
  • The waist and chest straps: The straps can relieve stress on your upper back. Some bags may not have them and some may have only one strap, while others include both.
  • Pulls attached to zippers instead of zippers by themselves make it much easier for you to close and open the bag, particularly for kids.
  • Prices: While there’s no standard for what you should pay, however, the ideal price tends to fall within the $30 to $60 price range. A few bags that cost less than $30 might not last several years, however, the fact that a bag is priced at $100 does not mean it’s more durable than a less expensive one.
  • Instructions for care: Bagpackspro undergo a number of times and it’s best to wash them after they’ve become dirty. Certain bags can be washed in the machine however, you should always read the directions before cleaning them.
  • design: Last but not least ensure that your child is happy with the design and is satisfied to wear the backpack each day.

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