Temple Run 3 free returns with a new game exclusive to Apple Arcade

Temple Run 3 free returns with a new game exclusive to Apple Arcade

Temple Run 3 free  Puzzle Adventure is another big pickup for Apple ArcadeThe venerable mobile game series is being revived for a brand-new episode that is only available on Apple Arcade by Temple Run free Puzzle Adventure.Temple Run 3 free Puzzle Adventure, according to developer Imangi, has been in development for more than two years and will launch this week with more than 1,000 levels (exact release times may vary depending on your region). The spiritual successor of Temple Run 2 leans into the match-3 puzzle archetype that has long dominated mobile puzzle games, rather than another infinite runner. Depending on how their gaming habits have changed in the – checks notes – eight years since Temple Run 2 came out, this may delight or dismay fans of the original.

Online early Temple Run 3 Puzzle Adventure games has started to appear. The match-3 fundamentals you’d expect are demonstrated in this introduction video from YouTube user Azeemjaffer Gaming, along with several accomplishments and gadgets. According to the official app store listing(opens in new tab), the game’s protagonist and temple runner Scarlett Fox is back and sporting a charming, cartoonish appearance.Apple Arcade started off looking quite promising, but in the last year in particular, it has grown into a powerhouse of mobile games. The inclusion of a new Temple Run, a franchise that has been renowned for years as a classic time killer, may add another significant feather to the crown of the subscription service, which recently purchased a shelved Castlevania game and Platinum Games’ upcoming action game World of Demons.

When Will Temple Run 3 Free Initially Be Available?

You may be a member of the gaming community who was astounded by the release of Temple Run in 2011. Since the guy, who was actually an archaeologist, was pursued by evil monkeys throughout the expedition, everyone can only remember how entertaining it was. It was actually a mission to find a golden idol from the Bornarzo Gardens in Italy inside the temple.Imangi Studios, the game’s publisher, initially made the iOS version of the game available in 2011. Since its debut, Temple Run has gained popularity and has dominated the charts in terms of downloads. Soon after, in 2012 and 2013, the game was also available for Android and Windows Phone.A few spinoffs also earned a lot of admirers at the time because of how well-liked the original game was. While Temple Run: Oz was supposed to promote Oz the Great and Powerful, Temple Run: Brave was just meant to promote the film Brave.


The anticipation for Temple Run’s third edition has led to some speculation. In fact, there have been whispers about the impending release of Temple Run 3. But the rumours that it will be published in 2016 were unfounded. The game’s makers did not, however, confirm any rumours. As a result, Temple Run: Oz is the most recent instalment in the franchise.Some analysts claim that the game’s direction might go in a variety of different paths. Nevertheless, it would be challenging to conjecture in the absence of a statement from the creators.

In essence, many users of the App Store and Play Store are hunting for the third game. In some communities, it has even taken on a hot topic status. Several people claimed that a certain developer was able to produce a fake version of Temple Run 3 and post it to the App Store. However, Apple quickly withdrew it due to that. But because the trending searches weren’t updated, many people continued to search for it up until 2018.


You may still get the game from the App Store if you haven’t been able to play it since. It contains several additional features compared to the original edition, including new challenges, fresh visuals, achievements, organic settings, a larger monkey, and unique abilities for each character you select. Aside from the occasional small bug patches, there are also daily quest updates and shifting seasonal material.The same new game updates are available for download via the Google Play Store as well. The most recent version, 1.46, which is compatible with Android 4.0 and later, was published in March 2018. Of course, Temple Run 2 is still playable on Windows Phones thanks to the Microsoft Store. One of the prerequisites for playing the game may be a version of Windows 8 for mobile devices.


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