Taking a French Course – Things You Should Know Before


Due to its widespread use, the ability to speak the French language is becoming a necessity for businessmen and travelers alike. Spoken by 700 million people worldwide on every continent with the exceptions of Antarctica and Australia, it is considered to be one of the major international languages. If you are interested in taking a french schools in france, you must first decide the dialect that you wish to learn.

While standard French is the dialect that is spoken officially in the country of France, a variety of other dialects are spoken in various parts of France as well as in other French-speaking countries across the globe. If you are planning to take a French course for business purposes, you should do some research to discover the dialect that is spoken in the area that you are planning to do business with. If you wish to study French for your personal enjoyment, standard French is probably the best dialect to learn.

Once you have decided the dialect that you wish to study, there are several types of French course studies. There is the college French course, which are expensive and may not fit into your busy schedule. If you want to study a specific dialect, these institutions may also not offer courses in the dialect that you want.

Online French course studies are another option that is available to enable you to study the language. While these courses allow you to study at home whenever you like, their audio guides may be difficult to understand, leading you to mispronounce French words which can change their meaning entirely. If you have difficulties, these online classes may also not have an instructor available when you need them.

Another option in which to take a French course are language software programs that you can purchase and download directly onto your computer. These learning courses are designed to teach a foreign language in the shortest amount of time possible. They feature clear, concise instructions and pronunciation guides that make learning French easy. These programs also offer a wide variety of French dialects which will enable you to study the dialect that best suits your needs.

Whichever type of French course that you decide to participate in, once you begin to study the language you may be pleasantly surprised. Much of the English language is based on what is known as Old French, so many of the words that you will encounter will already be familiar to you. French nouns show this common history. For example, the French word for “chair” is “chaise,” which will be familiar due to “chaise lounges” that are popular in English -speaking countries. The French noun “le bugle” literally means “bugle.”

You will also discover when you are taking a French course that French verbs are similar to English as well. For example, the French word “inviter” means “to invite” and “domineer” means “to dominate.” Due to these similarities between the French language and our own, you may already have the ability to follow the gist of a French conversation without even being aware of it.

Our worldwide community is growing smaller with new advancements in travel and communications. Learning French by taking a French course is a good way to start to close the gap between yourself and the many different peoples of the world.

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