Shrek is returning with Mike Myers in a new Netflix series. (episode married with senior)

The Pentaverate, a new Netflix series from Mike Myers, has a real-life cameo from everyone’s favourite ogre.

Myers plays Canadian news journalist Ken Scarborough in the six-episode spin-off of the romantic comedy So I Married (episode married with senior) an Axe Murderer in which he sets out to expose the nefarious Pentaverate secret organisation. The comic also portrays eight other characters, including Shrek, a New England conspiracy theorist, a far-right radio personality, a former rock and roll manager, an ex-Russian billionaire, a media magnate, a tech genius who creates The Pentaverate’s supercomputer, and more.

Around 5:50 into episode 4, Ken finds himself on the run in a mediaeval village while being hunted by a monster that resembles Big Foot and is known as “the ogre of Dubrovnik.” Shrek, who is actually a walk-around figure, materialises out of nowhere and advances toward Ken. Shrek responds, “Laddie, I’ve got this one.” “I’m Dubrovnik’s true ogre,” Everyone applauds as he headbutts Big Foot, knocking him to the ground. Myers says, “Wow. Thank you, Shrek! After exchanging handshakes, Ken moves on with his adventure.

Since 2010’s Shrek Forever After, Myers hasn’t voiced the character until the amusing moment. Although the Shrek franchise’s fifth film is still in doubt, we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

The complete first season of The Pentaverate is available on Netflix right now. For more information, view our list of the top new TV programmes premiering in 2022 and beyond or catch up with the top 50 Netflix shows available right now.

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