New SecretLab gaming chair, the SecretLab Joker Edition.

Recently, a SecretLab chair with the logo  SecretLab Joker   Edition was introduced with the DC FanDome.A new Joker Edition Secretlab chair has recently come out of hiding, which is appropriate given that DC FanDome announcements have been making news this weekend. It gives a new, Jokerized take on some of the top gaming seats available today and was announced during the 24-hour fan event.

It only seems sense that there should be a seat designated to the Clown Prince of Crime given that Batman and the Birds of Prey have their own branded chairs from SecretLab. With green and purple patterning to help it stand out, this special Joker Edition SecretLab chair provides the Omega and somewhat larger Titan versions a facelift. It resembles the Joker’s costume in look and has a “bold, transgressive design that echoes the criminal clown”; it has an acid green seat base and acid purple wings (with the jester hat insignia embroidered onto the sides of each). The remainder is a softer black.

Both Joker Secretlab chair models are from the Secretlab 2020 Series, which means they use cutting-edge production techniques and high-quality components. We can attest that they are quite comfy because we have personally tested them. Even though these chairs are more expensive, you receive the highest comfort and back support available.

Ian Lang, CEO of SecretLab, stated in the press announcement that “Every superhero needs a villain, and the SecretLab The Joker Edition chair acts as the Dark Knight Edition’s complete antithesis, both enhancing and setting it apart from it. The SecretLab The Joker Edition chair is a fit for Gotham’s greatest supervillain, including the same engineering and technology that SecretLab is renowned for “.

This chair is only the most current in a string of branded SecretLab models that have previously featured League of Legends characters. These were designed with a same “less is more” philosophy, which is a good selling factor if they will be used at home or in the office. Ahri, Akali, and Yasuo are a few of the characters present.

Secretlab chair in the Joker edition

Joker Edition Secretlab Omega | SecretLab Soon

The Secretlab Omega chair, winner of several awards, has been given a Jokerized makeover that combines comfort and fan-pleasing aesthetics. This one will last you a long time because Secretlab chairs are built of the best materials available, at least far into the PS5 and Xbox Series X era.

Secretlab Titan Joker Edition | Upcoming at SecretLab

The Titan version of the Joker Edition Secretlab chair is a little bit bigger than the Omega version, making it more comfortable for people with larger frames. Here, the same pattern is used, complete with stitching in Joker green that makes people chuckle.

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