Rockstar’s publisher renews the domains for GTA 6 and Vice City Online : rockstar city

You can also image the GTA 6 theorists’ reactions to this.Two important domain names have been renewed by Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar’s or rockstar city publishing parent company, sparking new GTA 6 rumors. The organization has renewed its ownership of the domain names and, as noticed by a user on Reddit. You can see why the Grand Theft Auto community has seized upon this with enthusiasm, even if it’s customary for publishers to renew domains they may never use.

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While recent reports suggest GTA 6 is a long way off, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a significant expansion for GTA Online in the near future. The idea of a new online GTA game taking place in one of its most infamous settings, Vice City (which is based off of the real-life city of Miami, Florida), is undoubtedly exciting.It’s probable that Rockstar has some surprises in store for the early years of next-gen gaming, especially since GTA 5 has already been announced as a 2021 release for those platforms with the arrival of the PS5 and Xbox Series X.Once more, it is essential to treat these domain upgrades with great caution. It might not exist. Anything might be the case. In either case, we probably won’t know until Rockstar issues a formal statement.Keep an eye on GamesRadar for all things Grand Theft Auto, including any significant news as soon as it is announced.

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