Review of A Few Best Men

A Few Best Men, a British-Australian “comedy,” is a wedding-com with less laughs than most funerals. Review of A Few Best Men centers on a featureless groom (Xavier Samuel as David) and his idiotic friends.Tim Draxl, Kevin Bishop, and Kris Marshall unintentionally make David’s wedding to Australian Mia (Laura Brent) into a catastrophe scene in this Stephan Elliott-directed film, which is a far cry from his career high point Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert.

Its valiant attempts to imitate The Hangover throw cocaine, sheep poo, and a ridiculously overacting Olivia Newton-John at you, but at least it ends.This movie demonstrates how delicately crafted a good comedy can be. At some point while filming, something that must have appeared charming and humorous turns out to be none of those things. Samuel brings his pretty unlikable and repulsive friends to Australia to attend his wedding to a senator’s daughter in an apparent effort to combine Meet the Parents with The Hangover. Setups for many well-telegraphed jokes are so time-consuming and evident that when they are eventually finished, relief rather than laughter is what is felt. It’s full of bizarre situations that are more amusing than humorous, like the apparently never-ending routine involving a treasured sheep and a lost bag of strong narcotics. All of it has an abnormally low energy level and culminates in situations with almost aggressively forced emotion.

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