A seductive Nemesis resident evil 3 mods and the remake are nearly coming

The remake of Resident Evil 3 and Nemesis resident evil 3 mods will be released in a few days, but fans are already hard at work customising it to the hilt, including giving Nemesis a bathing costume you’d only ever see on a playa in Barcelona.

Right, if you’ve heard reports about how challenging and dangerous Nemesis is in this remastered edition of the 1999 game, there’s a mod that will make him far less frightening and much more seductive. Beach Body Nemesis, a work by Patreon-funded modder MarcosRC(opens in new tab), is here to make you doubt your sexuality for the duration of your social isolation. He has a scary face, but that physique…

Sorry, I got sidetracked there. The Umbrella Corp. logo may be seen on Nemesis’ banana hammock, where his Neme-bits would normally be. Although it’s highly distracting, this mod—which is available exclusively for PC, so keep that in mind—might be just what I need because I get scared quickly.

I have no clue how anyone can modify an unreleased game, but Resident Evil 3 players may customise their gameplay by using modifications like Beach Body Nemesis, which can change Nemesis’ appearance, make all enemies look like him, or replace him with Venom. Although some transform the main character Jill Valentine into Isabelle from Animal Crossing: New Horizons or alter her appearance to have a more antique feel, not all of them are Nemesis-related. Whatever mods you choose, it’s amazing how many there are for a game that comes out in *checks calendar* four days.

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