ReLEx SMILE Vs ICL Surgery 

ReLEx SMILE Surgery  

This procedure is an advancement of Femto-LASIK that สล็อตเว็บตรง ไม่ผ่านเอเยนต์ ของทาง PG SLOT ของเราได้มีการวางระบบการทำงานไว้เป็นอย่างดี การพนันบอลออนไลน์ ได้มาตรฐานและปลอดภัยรัดกุมมากที่สุด เพื่อที่จะเอาไว้คอยตรวจผลการแข่งขันของฟุตบอลต่างๆได้อย่างแม่นยำไม่มีผิดพลาด ซึ่งข้อมูลตรงนี้ก็มักจะมีอัพเดทอย่างสม่ำเสมอภายในหนึ่งวันนั้นจะมีการอัพเดทเป็นร้อยครั้งเลยทีเดียวได้เปิดรูปแบบการแทงให้ท่านเลือกอย่างหลากหลาย ในวงการ การพนันบอลออนไลน์ makes it possible to fix visual impairments in a way that is exceptionally delicate and safe. The key benefit: Unlike traditional LASIK, ReLEx smile surgery allows us to treat your eyes without using a “flap” and without having to significantly widen the cornea. 

A tiny 2 mm access site in the cornea is used to remove a thin, three-dimensional slice that was prepared inside the cornea using a specialized femtosecond laser. 

The cornea stays stable during this technique, which is mild on the eye, and flap issues are avoided. We always opt for this less invasive procedure to address dry eyes, astigmatism, and myopia. 

 The next-generation ReLEx smile surgery keyhole technology is making laser eye surgery even safer, kinder, and quicker. This 3-dimensional disc (lenticule) within the cornea can be prepared using a laser with just a 2 mm-wide “keyhole” before being extracted. 


The volume and form of this lenticule match the quantity of tissue that needs to be corrected for your refractive defect. The cornea’s stability is retained, and the tear film’s formation is essentially unaffected.  


As a result, ReLEx smile surgery is perfect for people who have a sensitivity to contact lenses or dry eyes. The cherry on top is that each eye just needs 32 seconds to be treated. 


Even people with severe refractive faults, thinner corneas, or dry eyes can benefit from the ReLEx smile surgery. Thus, the ReLEx smile method can be used to treat myopic patients with astigmatism up to -10 diopters. 


Treatment with Femto-LASIK was only advised for up to nearly -8 diopters. Because the cornea is completely intact after the ReLEx grin operation and less tissue is removed, a thinner cornea (minimum 480 micrometers) is also not a concern. 


The danger of dry eyes following the procedure is further decreased because, contrary to Femto-LASIK, the nerves in the highest layer of the cornea, which are essential for the management of the tear film, are mainly intact. 


ICL surgery 


ICL surgery involves inserting the Visian ICL (commonly referred to as the Implantable Collamer® Lens) between the eye’s colored iris and natural lens right beneath the iris.  


The goal of this surgery is to change the eye’s focusing ability and eliminate the need for contact lenses or spectacles. Astigmatism and/or moderate to severe myopia (nearsightedness) are frequently treated with ICL surgery. 


ICLs work in conjunction with the eye’s natural lens to curve (refract) light onto the retina, which enhances vision correction. Plastic and collagen that have been purified make up the ICL (which also naturally occurs in your body).  


This implant offers UV protection in addition to being biocompatible, soft, and flexible. Since ICLs perform a similar role to that of a conventional contact lens, one may occasionally hear them referred to as “implantable contact lenses” or “permanent contact lenses.” 


For patients that are too nearsighted for LASIK and PRK, an ICL is a great alternative (photorefractive keratectomy). ICL may also be a good option for you if the cornea is just too thin or has an uneven shape for laser eye surgery. 


ICL surgery is indeed a tried-and-true method that involves meticulous safety procedures both before your operation and during follow-up visits. More than 1 million ICLs have been implanted since the first ICL was placed in 1993.  


The hazards of ICL surgery are negligible because it does not alter the shape or structural stability of the eye. According to some research, ICL may be a better option than LASIK for people with low myopia who want to avoid risk and complications. 


The Sight Avenue is available to provide you with a free consultation if you’re prepared to investigate whether an ICL or some other lens implant option may be suitable for you. You may get started on the road to better eyesight and the well-being that comes with it by consulting with one of our highly skilled ophthalmologists about the available treatment options. 

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