Read ragnarok Jeff Goldblum’s sensual rolling of the eyes as he declares, “I’m having a Ragnarok,” from Thor 3 is impossible to forget.

Even though you may already be familiar with the meaning of the word  or have read Ragnarok your friends and family may not. So how do you describe the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Thor: Ragnarok(opens in new tab)? You could be truthful and claim it’s the name of the Norse apocalypse, but that would be too dull. Why not utilise one of the many fantastic fan interpretations that the movie’s actors and crew read aloud?

Fans responded enthusiastically to the request for their own explanations of the term made by the WhatsRagnarok. Mark Ruffalo, Jeff Goldblum, and director Taika Waititi join in on the fun by reading the responses aloud, and each one adds their own distinct personality to the discussion.

Ruffalo, for instance, is the endearing neighbour who always remarks how kind and hilarious everyone is.

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