Here is how Sony’s latest console, the PS5 design .

The color scheme for the PS5 design is blue, black, and white. After much anticipation, the PS5’s design has now been made public. Throughout the PS5 Future of Gaming event, the sleek, black, white, and blue system was teased, but the major reveal photo was saved till the very end. View the unveiling video down below.

It was worthwhile, too. Although both stand vertically, the Xbox Series X and PS5 designs are worlds apart. Since the PS5 is fairly tall and thin, its circular base at the base of the tower should assist keep it stable.The PS5 is also available in two versions: a Digital Edition and one with and one without an optical disc drive. The Digital Edition lacks the bulge on the bottom right that houses the disc drive in the other edition, making it naturally thinner despite having a virtually identical look.

Sony is releasing a number of new accessories to go with the new colorway, including a DualSense charging station, a new HD camera, a media remote, and a Pulse 3D wireless headset, similar to the DualSense controller we first saw earlier this year.

In between game announcements, the more than hour-long PS5 Future of Gaming event previewed the console’s appearance many times with huge buttons, the blue and white PlayStation logo, and other things. Before they all peeled away and the bold, curved console was unveiled, an amorphous mass of circles briefly assumed many conceivable console designs (including one that curiously resembled the Xbox Series X).Was this the PS5 that you anticipated? It is by nature more futuristic and stylish than its competitor.

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