Popular tipster reportedly targeted by Funny PUBG developer for leaks and data mining

According to reports, Krafton, a funny PUBG developer the company that created PUBG, is attempting to shut down one of the most well-known data mines and sources of insider information for the community.

On Twitter(opens in new tab), well-known dataminer PlayerIGN asserts that the developer summoned a private eye to provide a list of requests. According to reports, Krafton has demanded that the tipster turn up any direct chats with everyone who provided them with information, give a detailed accounting of their earnings, and remove all social media posts that contained leaks—likely those pertaining to its intellectual property.

PlayerIGN continues by stating that information about forthcoming skins is obtained from a different website that is updated every evening before to a patch being applied to the PUBG test server. They merely save the photographs and share them with their Twitter and Discord followers. Regarding the leaks, the informant claims that information is “primarily” obtained through Krafton’s systems or personnel rather than being “actively” sought for by them. Before taking any further action, they are also seeking legal counsel.

Over time, PlayerIGN has established itself as a well-liked and dependable resource for PUBG aficionados. They have gathered a lot of data on potential collaborations and features, such as a Nier crossover event earlier this year that gave rise to a number of new skins.

Additionally, PlayerIGN has shown how PUBG has evolved. The Loadout(opens in new tab) was informed by the leaker last year that PUBG was receiving additional features from an abandoned sequel. Though development problems ultimately sent the project completely adrift, it was apparently known as Project RE:BORN.

At the time, they said, “My source tells me PUBG Project RE:BORN was initially intended to be the PUBG 2 game we were anticipating.” But because of problems, the development team has decided to upgrade or revamp the present game’s engine, much like to Overwatch 2.

Unpopular(opens in new tab) among the community, it’s unknown why Krafton reportedly opted to target PlayerIGN now over all other times. Although there is general agreement that what has allegedly transpired is a number of steps too far, others do understand how frustrating leaks can be for developers when they prove to be accurate(opens in new tab).

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