Pokemon X & Y for 3DS debuts the sixth generation of monsters and features a 3D setting for the first time in the main series.

How To Be A Popular Pokemon X And Y Player (May Contain Spoilers)

Have you noticed lately how frequently cool individuals are mentioned in Lumiose City? No, they do not refer to elderly losers who are overweight and constipated. Gen 6 offers more than simply the same old “Well, yeah. My latest catch was a Magikarp “. Here are some strategies for achieving fame.

  1. Make a PR video
  2. Participate in the ID Lottery.
  3. Utilize your audio tour to look at the paintings in the museum.
  4. Change your Furfrou’s beautiful hairstyle.
  5. Talk to Alexa on the Lumiose Press website
  6. Travel to Kiloude City by the TMV
  7. Complete various tasks for Hotel Richissime
  8. Fistfight at the BI (Battle Institute)
  9. Battle at the Lumiose Restaurants 10. Browse the many businesses.
  10. Take the Lumi-Cab or Gogoat Shuttle.
  11. Combine some fruit juice.
  12. Visit Coffiure Clips for a haircut.
  13. Achieve Hall of Fame status

But why should people remember you? or desire to be? Fame brings you rewards in addition to admirers.Finally, the store owner will let you into Boutique Couture.Get fresh hairstyles; additional Furfrou cuts will be made.You may create additional juices.Earn benefits like a free museum visit.The big stone seller will first drop the price from 500,000 to 300,000, then to 150,000, 100,000, 70,000, and finally to 10,000.Cafe Action and the cashier will help you gain additional effects for the PR studio.Don’t attempt Perilous Soup on your level 100; fame may be both good and harmful.

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