Pokemon Gen 8: Every creature thus far made public, including the three starters and legendaries

The Pokemon Gen 8 lineup is expanding as we get closer to the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield. The newest event, which was a 24-hour livestream where a little pastel-colored Galarian Ponyta ultimately arrived, was one of many creative methods to announce the most current Pokemon additions arriving to the Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex this November. Below are all the facts on the Gen 8 Pokemon that have been publicly published so far, including legendaries and more, ranging from Sirfecth’d to Cramorant and Polteageist.

1.      Grookey

Grooky, a Grass-type monkey Pokemon, is your first starter for Pokemon Generation 8. characterised as a cheeky monkey “filled with limitless curiosity.” Its movesets are currently unknown, however based on how it uses the stick it carries in its hair, we can only assume that it will be engaged in some manner.

2.      Scorbunny

You already know that Scorbunny is a fire bunny, right? With all the bandages, we could be looking at a fiery, melee-focused firestarter given how it stops fire in its path.

3.      Sobble

Even if Sobble has already won the hearts of the internet, you should know that he is truly a water lizard if you have any doubts about this Water type starter. Adorable, no? He may also become invisible in water. It must be helpful, right?

4.      Gossifleur

A brand-new grass-type Pokemon with a floral motif named Gossifleur can move with the breeze and enjoys environments with clean water and air. Its petals and body may be bent to change the pollen’s direction of travel, and its pollen has a healing effect. Cute!

5.     Eldegoss Eldegoss

The fluff afro is fundamental to Gossifleur, Eldegoss’ development. In addition to shielding it from danger, its cotton fluff also acts as a cushion. Additionally, the seeds are quite nutritious. I want one of these tiny fellows, please.

6.      Wooloo

The adorableness of this small sheep-themed Pokemon is beyond words. Meet Wooloo, who could be the cutest tiny fluffy ball ever. He is essentially a little sheep that lives in a herd and produces wool that is used for carpets and apparel. They also imitate their trainers’ movements.

7.      Corviknight

Corviknight, a raven Pokemon with distinctly English features, is referred to as the “dashing ruler of the sky” and offers taxi services to locations in the Galar area that you have already visited.

8.      Drednaw

Drednaw is a Pokemon with a bite that resembles a hybrid of a turtle and a dinosaur. It has strong jaws like a turtle that can bite through iron and rock. However, because of its extraordinary viciousness, trainers who attempt to tame one will face a challenge.

9.      Alcremie

Alcremie creates the substance; it is a real-life whipped cream Pokemon with strawberry ears, and the happy it is, the sweeter it becomes. Its cream is used in desserts, and pastry masters all over the globe regard it as an idol. Any opponent who tries to consume the cream during combat will quickly lose the will to fight due to its extremely potent calming effect. Anyone feeling sated?

10.  Yamper

Yamper is competing against Wooloo for the honour of eighth generation’s prettiest Pokemon because, well, look at it! It’s a corgi on electricity! wearing a large yellow scarf! Nobody can convince me differently; Yamper is the finest dog there is.

11.  Impidimp

Although we are unsure of its exact nature, this little bugger appears to be a malicious fiend. The purple hue suggests Psychic/Dark, and it resembles Sableye in some ways. Since Impidimp and Yamper have only been seen on the E3 2019 show floor, Nintendo has yet to issue an official statement.

12.  Rolycoly

Rolycoly is an intriguing one since it resembles a rock in every way. Rolycoly has a single orange eye at the front, and since it is bound to evolve into a massive rocky beast, we assume it is the first of a group of three Pokemon. Geodude at least has weapons…

13.  Duraludon

Duraludon appears to be one of those late-game Pokemon that are only found in certain locations, like as Victory Ro, leading you to believe they are fantastic and useful for the Elite Four when they are actually just somewhat beneficial. Duraludon is now one of those Pokemon that everyone forgets about unless they accidentally come across one in the wild, but once it evolves, we anticipate it to look like an incredible monster.

14.  Obstagoon

With his arms crossed like a nightclub bouncer, Obstagoon particularly evolved from Galarian Linoone and has a significantly more intimidating appearance. It is regarded as “very belligerent” and would “taunt an opponent, going it into attacking.” At 5’3″, it is almost as tall as the majority of people. There’s no way you’d want to pass an Obstagoon in a pitch-black alley.

15.  Morpeko

Morpeko is Pikachu; Dedenne; sorry; Mimikyu; but wait, isn’t there another Pokemon with a similar look? This time, though, Morpeko is a “two-sided Pokemon” with the Hunger Switch ability, which allows it to alternate between the Electric-type Full Belly mode and the Dark-type Hangry mode. The moves used by Hunger Switch, including its famous Aura Wheel technique, will also alter in kind.

16.  Polteageist

There is a Pokemon that is based on tea since the type Ghost Galar was influenced by the United Kingdom. The majority of people view polteageist as a problem as it is known to disguise itself and hide amid crockery in homes and hotels. By using their abilities to brew used tea, they can even produce more Polteageist.

17.  Cramorant

Cramorant is just like me in that it lives and breathes food. Cramorant will attempt to ingest “everything it can fit in its mouth,” but if it discovers that it is not edible, it will vomit it out again right away. Even if the Cramorant belongs to you, it will attack you without hesitation if you try to steal its food.

18.  Gregorian Weezing

The first-generation Pokemon Weezing, a poisonous gas, has a brand-new regional variation known as Galarian Weezing. It wears two giant top hats that serve as chimneys and had smoke billowing from the top, plainly adopting the customs of the Galar area, which is modelled on the United Kingdom. Because the chimney serves as a filtration mechanism, it turns out that this smoke is actually quite clean… clever!

19.  Galarian Linoone and Zigzagoon

You’ve already encountered Obstagoon, but now meet the basic and stage one evolutions of the family, Galarian Zigzagoon and Linoone. Galarian Zigzagoon is purportedly the “oldest branch of the species,” therefore the restless character of this one is what causes other regional Zigzagoons to travel in zigzag patterns. Contrarily, Linoone is “popular among disgruntled and furious adolescents,” so be prepared to see it hanging around in front of your neighbourhood corner store playing dubstep on a mobile device.

Legendary Gen 8 characters Zacian and Zamazenta

I would have lost my mind long ago if I had known that the Gen 8 Legendaries would be two enormous dogs, one of which would have a sword in its mouth and the other would have a shield for a face. The couple is currently cloaked in mystery, so not much is known about them, but you can guarantee that they’re going to be fantastic.

Of course, we already know about a few of the Gen 8 Pokemon that have been previously unveiled. But there are questions about where Meltan and Melmetal will be seated. While Grookey begins Gen 8 at number 810 according to national numbers, they are likely to have some impact on the Gen 8 Pokemon release as well as Sword / Shield in general. Just in case, here are their statistics:

20.  Meltan

It first emerged in Pokemon Go, and thanks to the magic of a special box, you could then transfer it to Pokemon Let’s Go. But at some time, you’ll undoubtedly see it in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

21.  Melmetal

Like its tiny Hex Nut brother, Meltan’s evolution also had a similar beginning, although Meltan will likely first appear in Pokemon Shield and Sword. Will there also be a Mythical Pokemon?

The unveiling for Sirfetch’d, which included a pixelated, enigmatic “Who’s that Pokemon?” style announcement, was extremely appropriate for a Pokemon with such a regal-looking duck appearance. With the exception of the Sword version, Sirfetch’d carries a leafy green shield and a pretty tall spear-like leek. After “experiencing numerous conflicts” in the Galar area, Farfetch’d will only transform into Sirfetch’d. It also has a special attack called Meteor Assault that only it can learn, and it will leave the combat when the leek, which it “treasures more than anything,” begins to wilt.During a 24-hour live broadcast event held in the Glimwood Tangle woodland section of the Galar region, Galarian Ponyta was formally introduced. After a protracted wait, a pair of pastel “Unique Horn” Pokemon materialised, displaying their adorable design and shining mane. The unusual Ponyta has finally received further information from the Pokemon Company. Since ancient times, the small pony has been discovered in the forests of the Galar area, where it draws its powers and appearance from the energy of the trees. Galarian Pontya has the capacity to take in and retain the life force of its surroundings in its mane. When there is a lot of energy present, the mane of the animal will shine and become more colourful. It has the new move Pastel Veil, which guards against poisoning other Pokemon, as well as the move Run Away.


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