On the cover of The Dark Ages , is that Mayday or Annie May peter parker age?

Is Mary Jane and Peter Parker age daughter from a different reality—or their long-lost child—returning to the pages of a Marvel comic?

Update: The Dark Ages #2, the second instalment of the six-issue limited series set in an alternate reality and written by Tom Taylor and illustrated by Iban Coello, will be released in October. The series will, as described below, “After your favourite heroes get together to fight a new threat—and fail—a world is introduced that has been overtaken by darkness. In a story that poses the query “who were you when the lights went out?” fascinating new perspectives on your favourite heroes and villains are to be found.” When issue #1’s inciting incident that signals the end of the technological era occurs, the second issue takes up years later. Marvel’s summary of The Dark Ages #2 says, “Now it’s up to Earth’s heroes to bring mankind together amid the darkness.” “The X-Men and Avengers, good guys and bad guys, all collaborate to make something greater. However, something worse than night is closing in, and this post-apocalyptic planet is ready to experience the Apocalypse.”

Some of the characters who are joining Apocalypse on the new cover are from the teaser images for the series Marvel released in June, including Miles Morales who appears to be in control of a Venom symbiote, a Steampunk Iron Man, possibly Laura Kinney as Wolverine, a grown-up Valeria Richards, an older (and somewhat sinister-looking, in our opinion) Peter Parker (?), and a red-headed Is May “Mayday” Parker possibly making a comeback in Marvel Comics?

Or is it Annie May Parker, also known as Spiderling, from the 2015 television series Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows(opens in new tab), which was set in an Earth-18119 other reality?

Marvel has formally revealed (again) that the Dark Ages six-issue limited series would launch on September 1 nearly precisely a year after initially hinting at the plot and announcing a Fall 2020 release. The limited series, which was previewed this week in a series of enigmatic pictures like this one, was first hinted to in 2020’s Free Comic Book Day: X-Men offering from Marvel. It would bring together superheroes from all corners of the Marvel Universe to fight a new menace, but they will “fail.” This series’ distinguishing characteristic seems to be the question, “What if the superheroes lose?” According to Marvel’s release, “Their defeat will usher in an exhilarating new age full of devastating loss and unthinkable stakes.” Fans will “meet interesting new versions of their beloved characters as they battle to overcome overwhelming obstacles and restore hope to the cosmos” when the Earth is rebuilt. Dark Ages is “a narrative unlike any we’ve told before,” according to Taylor.

The novel opens with the “shattering discovery” of what the Watcher has been keeping an eye on for all these years, according to the publisher. Old school continuity is being given new, unseen levels, which has become a popular plot element at Marvel in recent years.

Given this, “Everything is under attack from a peril older than the Earth. And once again, the heroes who have repeatedly saved the Earth find themselves almost helpless in the face of it “continues with the explanation. “The Avengers and X-Men will unite. The Fantastic Four will encounter spider-people. Champions will battle alongside Heroes for Hire. However, none of it will be adequate. The lights will soon go out permanently.” According to Marvel, the plot was initially revealed in Free Comic Book Day: X-Men from the previous year, even though it was scheduled for release in the autumn of 2020 at the time (see above). In the tale teaser, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts cope with an enigmatic phenomena that strikes New York City and appears to trigger an earthquake. This phenomenon eventually causes all of the city’s electrical systems, including Tony’s Iron Man suit, to malfunction. Tony tries to go to Pepper when she is trapped in an elevator, but as his armour breaks, he is dragged into a jet engine and sent plummeting thousands of feet to the ground, losing a limb and perhaps even his life. Before colliding with the ground and perhaps passing out, Tony telephones Captain America and says, “Avengers Assemble,” before the loss of electronics prevents him from finishing the sentence. Although the cause of the blackout is unknown, a strange green glow is observed gathering in the sky over Manhattan prior to the loss of electronics. Tony murmurs, “Dark… It’s all gone dark… Forever,” as Pepper hovers over his corpse, just before he passes out. Outside of New York, the blackout’s impacts are not depicted in the pages. But after a year of waiting, Marvel fans will soon learn who or what will be the source of the blackout.

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