Where to get the newest console: Nintendo Switch OLED restock updates

Over the past week, not much has moved in the world of Nintendo Switch OLED stock. However, that is almost probably a good thing. Right now, there is still a good selection of brand-new consoles on the market in the US and the UK, along with a few modest price reductions.

We advise going directly to Walmart if you’re trying to purchase a Nintendo Switch OLED in the US. A $7 discount off the $349.99 MSRP (currently $342) may be found there. Although it’s not the biggest reduction we’ve seen on Nintendo Switch OLED stock this year—that game was originally scheduled to sell for $330—it’s certainly the best deal right now. The console is also available for the full MSRP on Amazon.

But in the UK, BT Shop is making an especially compelling deal. The Nintendo Switch OLED is now available for for £299 , saving you £10 off the list price of £309. Again, a £289 record low price has been seen before, but that specific deal is quite uncommon.

Since months ago, there hasn’t been much of a search required for those inquiring where to purchase Nintendo Switch OLED. A consistent supply has been seen at several merchants. However, recent lulls in supply have revealed to us that this availability is still rather brittle. As a result, we’ll be keeping this page updated with all the newest Nintendo Switch stock as it arrives. We will, of course, also alert you to any Nintendo Switch bundles we come across at the same time.

At Walmart, the Nintendo Switch OLED costs $342.

Save $7 – Although it’s a little discount and not as significant as the $330 sales price we’ve previously seen, Walmart is currently offering Nintendo Switch OLED stock for $342. That’s $7 less than the $349.99 MSRP, making it the console’s current lowest price.

At BT, the Nintendo Switch OLED costs £299.98.

Save £10 – Last week, the Nintendo Switch OLED at Very had a discount price of £289, however that item is no longer available. However, BT is still offering £10 off that £309.99 RRP, allowing you to get the most recent console for just under £300.

Quick links to buy Nintendo Switch OLED

To find out if your preferred shop has a Nintendo Switch OLED replenishment, use the retailer links below. We’re keeping a tight eye on the US stock issue, even if there are now plenty of consoles in the UK. We’re following all the most recent developments right here, so be sure to check back frequently.


  • Amazon: $349 on hand
  • Walmart: $342 on hand
  • Best Buy: $349.99 on hand
  • Target: available for $332.49 when using RedCard
  • GameStop: new items are now unavailable


  • Available on Amazon for £304.95
  • Argos: available now with a number of discounts
  • Currys: white model available right now
  • The Game Collection is available and priced at £304.95.

How much is OLED for the Nintendo Switch?

Customers will spend £309.99 in the UK and $349.99 in the US for the Nintendo Switch OLED. Even at early reductions, we have noticed a minor movement in each of those expenses. The Nintendo Switch OLED is now available for $330 and £289, which are the lowest prices we’ve seen.

Why was there no OLED supply for the Nintendo Switch?

Thankfully, the availability of Nintendo Switch OLEDs has improved over the past several months; but, these devices were hard to come by when the system first launched. That is due to component shortages, which also hinder PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks. Thankfully, Nintendo appears to have resolved its problems since it now consistently supplies stores in the US and UK.

Is the OLED on the Nintendo Switch worth it?

The Nintendo Switch OLED is an improved model of the hugely well-liked system that now comes with an OLED screen for use when playing portable. Additionally, the screen measures seven inches (up from 6.2 inches on the original model). The new ethernet connector on the enhanced dock will be another update you’ll welcome if your home Wi-Fi is a touch spotty or you want to reduce lag for online gaming when playing on the TV. Just make sure you have your Nintendo Switch Online subscription on available.

Thankfully, Nintendo is not restricting any Switch titles to the updated system, so the problem with the New 3DS release a few years ago won’t happen again. The new Switch OLED will accept your existing Joy-Con Nintendo Switch controllers, which have even undergone internal improvements.

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