The new Deep Pink wireless Xbox controller appears to be a gamepad that Kirby has swallowed.

The recently released “Deep Pink” Xbox controller is very attractive and somewhat resembles Kirby.The new perfectly pink Xbox controller, which was announced by Xbox(opens in new tab) on May 3, is one of many new Xbox controllers that have recently been unveiled. These controllers will replace the pastel wired controllers at the end of March 2022. Currently, the only place we can find the Deep Pink controller is at the Microsoft Store, where it can be purchased for $64.99. (opens in new tab).

We perform in pink every day except Wednesday. Introducing the brand-new Xbox Wireless Controller in Deep Pink.

The new controller has a deep pink colour scheme that is similar to hot pink but a little more elegant. The buttons on the controller are the same berry colour as the top of the device, and the bottom half of the device is white. It’s okay if you think you might have trouble identifying the buttons if they don’t have their distinctive green, blue, yellow, and red colouring as four.

The Deep Pink controller, according to the official Xbox website(opens in new tab), has sculpted surfaces and precise geometry for “improved comfort during gameplay.” Additionally, it has a hybrid D-pad and textured grip that will help players “stay on target.” This new Xbox controller has a dedicated Share button and is compatible with the Xbox Series X/S, PC, Android, and iOS, just like the majority of other Xbox controllers.The new controller received a variety of reactions from Twitter users, who expressed their love for, dislike for, or confusion over why Microsoft felt the need to release yet another controller for its games.

However, there was one point of agreement among players: the pink colouring gives the controller the appearance that Kirby, the Nintendo mascot, used the controller’s “mouthful mode” .

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