Michael rooker walking dead actor Talks about The Walking Dead

To celebrate the arrival of The Walking Dead season three on DVD and Blu-ray, Total Film recently had the opportunity to speak with Michael rooker walking dead actor.The actor plays Merle Dixon in the zombie TV thriller, which has just begun airing its fourth season. He first gained notoriety in Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer before amassing a very eclectic resume.For those who aren’t familiar with The Walking Dead, there are major spoilers in the section that follows. Read on to find out what Rooker had to say about the program.

Therefore, when we last saw you, your own brother had shot you and turned you into a zombie. Were you content with the way you left?

“From season one until the very end, it was a fantastic arc. But now that I think about it, I suppose it was one of those “burn of glory” situations!

How did it feel to spend each day surrounded by so much blood and gore? Did having lunch with zombie costumed individuals get old on you a little bit?

“Those zombies frequently associate with other zombies! The zombies have an own tiny table for lunch. Greg Nicotero excels at such sort of work. It’s all very true. You did gain somewhat. Oooh… Looking this manner, I suppose I’ll eat!

Did they reveal the series’ next direction to you?

In no way. Even when you were doing it, everything was kept extremely quiet. I can’t even comprehend being kept in the loop now that I don’t do it!

Will you continue to watch it?

“I will. Although I really loved watching it, I truly appreciated doing the labour. I didn’t watch all the episodes when I was completing them since I ran out of time, but I only caught up. I’ve heard that a marathon will take place shortly as well. I admit that I watched four or five episodes on the flight over here. un-edited as well I simply continued watching them until I had seen five or six in a succession.

How is the filming of Guardians of the Galaxy going for you right now? Do you enjoy yourself?

At conventions or at these Q&A sessions, I remind attendees that Merle has gone to a better place. You guys, marvel paradise! I adore the position. Man, I kill it in this Yondu thing. It’s a role that kills. I’m enjoying myself a lot.

Is it worthwhile to watch The Walking Dead? Indeed, and here is why.

Being one of the most viewed programmes in cable TV history, The Walking Dead is a significant series. Its incredible 12-year run of 11 seasons is quite the accomplishment for a zombie series. Numerous essays explaining why this series is terrible can be found online; nevertheless, for a change of pace, let’s talk about why this series is good.

Here is some background information on the show. The tone for the first several seasons is established in the pilot episode, which premiered on AMC on Halloween night in 2010. Frank Darabont, the original showrunner, was a wise choice to launch the series because of his unrivalled writing ability and ability to lay a solid foundation.The comic book tale written by Robert Kirkman, the show’s executive producer and writer, served as the series’ inspiration. Despite being set during a zombie apocalypse, the stories go further than one might expect into the lives of the protagonists.

The undead are never referred to as zombies in The Walking Dead; instead, they are given a variety of other titles, such as lame brains, rotters, geeks, empties, biters, etc. The most prevalent are walkers.

What makes The Walking Dead so compelling to watch

Anybody who has consistently watched the show would tell you that the tales of the characters are what keep them interested. The post-apocalyptic backdrop certainly draws viewers in, but the interesting character tales have them coming back for more.

There is something intriguing about using the apocalypse as the backdrop for a movie or television show. People are tremendously curious in what may happen in a post-apocalyptic world and how people would attempt to live. Viewers received an excellent glimpse of how life would be in a scenario when a group of people band together in an odd spot to establish a new home to survive during specific seasons of this show, such as the jail.

Who doesn’t like a fantastic mash-up? Although The Walking Dead frequently deviates from the comics, many of the characters seem to have seamlessly transitioned from page to screen. The comic’s followers also praised the plots that adhered to its canon.

Fans of The Walking Dead are fortunate to have Greg Nictoero overseeing the SFX. Who better to design the walkers than someone who studied under Tom Savini and George A. Romero? The KNB EFX Group’s Nicotero and his team have done an amazing job of bringing the zombies to life.The well-written characters played by top-notch performers are the major reason viewers appreciate this series. Over the course of its 11 seasons, this series has had the good fortune to work with some extraordinarily great performers.

The Walking Dead has its issues, like every series, but generally it’s a fantastic show full of incredible tales with just enough gore to keep it in the zombie category.

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