Michael Myers’ revenge in the follow-up will be “next level,” according to the  michael myers actor from Halloween Kills.

In Halloween Kills, michael myers actor takes his vengeance to a new level.Andi Matichak, who will feature in the next Halloween sequel, called Michael Myers’ retribution in Halloween Kills “next level.”When questioned about Halloween Kills during a conversation with The Boo Crew, Matichak said how the events of the 2018 version, which saw the antagonist Michael Myers confined in Laurie Strode’s basement and her house burned on fire, had infuriated Michael.

“I think fans will be extremely satisfied with this movie,” she stated. “It’s large, it’s awful, it’s mean, and we see Michael,” Laurie, Allyson, and Karen said. “I believe keeping him in the basement pissed him off a little bit because his retribution is next level.”

Although this information isn’t surprising—Michael Myers has formed a whole identity out of being furious by Laurie’s acts against him—comforting it’s to know that he hasn’t changed much. Throughout his time at Smith’s Grove Psychiatric Hospital, he clung to the recollection of Laurie stabbing him in the eye with a hanger for more than 40 years. After fleeing, his only goal was to get retribution. Myers’ wrath will be in overdrive now that he can add having two fingers amputated and being abandoned for dead in a burning building to his list of offences perpetrated by Laurie.

All prior sequels were retconned in David Gordon Green’s Halloween remake, which served as a straight sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 original. Both fans and reviewers responded well to the reboot, which resulted in the approval of two sequels, Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. Halloween Kills, however, was postponed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the great majority of films that were slated to have their theatrical premieres in 2020. It will now be available in October 2021. The original release date for the sequel was slated for October 2020.

The sequel, according to Halloween Kills author Scott Teems, is like “the first one on steroids.” Even John Carpenter has commended the movie for having so many deaths. We now have further information from Matichak on the tone of the film, which gives us cause to be anticipating the long-awaited sequel.


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