Lady Dimitrescu mods gets transformed into Mr. X in this Resident Evil 8 .

If 9-foot-tall vampires aren’t terrifying enough for you, try this mod.The consequences of a new Resident Evil 8 mod, which allows players switch Lady Dimitrescu mods  fair complexion for Mr. X’s less attractive features, are scary.

The mod, posted on Nexus Mods and made by ZombieAli, takes Lady Dimitrescu, who is already terrifying, and swaps out her ghostly vampire skin with Mr. X’s grey and wrinkly looking visage, transforming Lady D into Lady X. The tall vampire woman would much prefer wear her enormous gothic sun hat, which was even an important aspect of creating the character’s motion capture, than Mr. X’s fedora, though.If this is your first time playing the game and you’re wondering who the hell Mr. X is, he’s a terrifying Tyrant who originally debuted in Resident Evil 2. The randomly appearing, 7-foot-tall monster-of-a-man will chase players throughout the game and attack anybody who gets in his path.

Since the game’s demo was published earlier this month, the modding world has been flooded with Resident Evil 8 modifications, with characters like Thomas the Tank Engine and Barney the Dinosaur showing up in the hamlet.In addition, there have been a number of mods and character modifications that have brought the village and its residents into other video games, such as Fallout 4 (which recently received a mod that added Lady Dimitrescu’s attire to the game), as well as players who have altered their characters to include Lady D in their favorite games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and The Sims 4.

Our tips can help you determine how dangerous Resident Evil 8 is and how long Resident Evil Hamlet lasts if you’re still on the fence about exploring the village in the most recent Resident Evil game.

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