Joel Kinnaman actor from The Killing has been confirmed for the RoboCop reboot.

Joel Kinnaman actor i’ll play the lead in RoboCop by Jose Padilha.After being mentioned as a potential star of the impending RoboCop remake more than a week ago, Joel Kinnaman actor  has now been officially announced as the film’s leading man.The actor, who is best known for his appearance in the American adaptation of The Killing, will portray both police officer Alex Murphy and his counterpart in a metal suit who fights crime.Chances are, if you haven’t already seen him in The Killing, you’ve seen him in supporting roles in movies like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Safe House, or The Darkest Hour.In his home Sweden, Snabba Cash (Easy Money), which was directed by Daniel Espinosa of Safe House, may be his most well-known film. Later this year, Kinnaman will appear in Snabba Cash II.Kinnaman has the jawline that the part demands, even though we haven’t seen enough of him to determine how effective he will be in it.Peter Weller, who portrayed RoboCop in the first two films in the series, will be his role model.It appears that Kinnaman’s first attempt at a breakout blockbuster will be Thor, for which he was considered for the main part.

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