How to fight the game’s very last boss, Sekiro Isshin the Sword Saint

Sekiro Isshin the Sword Saint boss battle is the final boss you’ll encounter on any path other than the Shura one, and we have some advice on how to defeat him. Almost all of the Sekiro endings, with the exception of the Shura choice, require you to beat the Sekiro Isshin the Sword Saint boss in the final battle. It’s a hard struggle, there is no easy way to put it. Isshin possesses a broad range of strikes, great range, and three distinct phases that must be overcome to finish him. And if you fail at any moment, you have to start the entire process over. Therefore, your task is cut out for you. In the latter two phases, there is at least a passable cheese approach you can adopt that will ease your life a little. Sekiro Isshin, the Sword Saint boss walkthrough continues below for additional information.

How to defeat Sekiro Isshin the Sword Saint monster in the video game

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The Sword Saint will thus engage in a straight sword battle with you in the initial phase, and he has some highly potent moves under his sleeve. There are several different assaults to be aware of. The first of them is if he puts his sword aside, then immediately dashes forward and hits you twice. You can either flee when he does this or try to deflect. In either case, he is open to a few blows just after this.

He will occasionally do a swift thrust, which you may Mikiri parry for good posture damage and the opportunity to launch two strikes. His primary moveset consists of a three to four-hit sword combination, which is extremely difficult to learn if you wish to deflect well. In this phase, he employs the Ichimonji Double, which you may counter by evading to land some hits. The other assaults to be on the lookout for are his wind sweep and wind slash attacks, both of which are signified by wind accumulating around him. You’ll eventually be able to beat his initial phase.

Both of his second and third phases are comparable to one another. He has a rifle at his disposal during these phases, as well as a large spear. You can challenge him fairly if you so want. However, if you run around wildly during these stages and wait for him to utilise his jumping spear strike, you may cheese him. You can stab him once and then escape if you run beneath him while he does this. Just keep doing this until the conflict is resolved. He doesn’t fight fairly, therefore you shouldn’t either.

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