You don’t always want to get in touch with someone in a public way. You might be seeking a way to contact someone secretly, whether it’s because your privacy or the sensitivity of the information worries you.

You can utilize a private email service or make an anonymous Facebook account to communicate with someone. You can send them an anonymous SMS message as an alternative if those choices seem time-consuming and cumbersome. Everything you need to know about anonymous texting and the equipment required for it is provided here.

It’s important to note that while virtually all of the aforementioned apps and services allow you to conceal your identity, they are all legally required to provide it to law enforcement officials who enquire about your account if you engage in any unlawful activity. Therefore, be careful to only use these services for appropriate pranks, etc.

Second, the services that you have to pay for are essentially the only ones that genuinely work. Due to “strong demand,” etc., free texting very much never succeeds.

How to Send an Anonymous Text Via Email

To send anonymous messages, you don’t always need a phone. Sending messages from your computer can be done in a number of different ways. Using your email to SMS mobile phones is one of them.

However, in order to make your text anonymous, you must first open a new email account that doesn’t give away your identity or use an anonymous one that won’t reveal it. Following the instructions below, send an anonymous text message using this email address.

  1. Verify that you have the recipient’s correct phone number before sending an SMS. It is a component of the email address that you will employ to transmit the text.
  2. Discover whether they are using AT&T, Verizon, T-mobile, or another service provider for their phone. You’ll need to use the cell phone carrier’s domain name for the email-to-text address. Ask them directly or use one of the services that allow you to look it up to learn what carrier they are using.
  3. Put the person’s email addresses together. Add the carrier domain after the digits of the phone number.

Here are some instances of well-known carrier domains:

Verizon offers (SMS),, and AT&T offers (SMS) and (MMS) (MMS)

  • T-Mobile – @tmomail

Sprint offers

  • All Tel – @message.all Tel
  • Boost Mobile, available at
  • The cricket websites and
  • Nextel –; Metro PCS –

US Cellular:; SunCom:

  • VoiceStream
  1. As you usually would, write an email and send it to the recipient’s phone.

If you want your email to appear more like a text message, make sure to format it that way and leave the Subject line empty. The person will receive an anonymous text message because this email account does not include any personal information about you.

Mobile Apps That Allow You to Send Anonymous Texts

One of the mobile messaging apps that support it might be used if you desire to use your phone to send SMS anonymously. Check that the app you’re about to use has reliable encryption methods in place before you do.

We can suggest the following two apps:


One of the most secure messengers out today, Signal delivers strong end-to-end encryption, doesn’t store any data, and doesn’t allow users to send private messages. You can phone or text anonymously using the app’s option to mask your caller ID. If you want to send anonymous messages to anyone who has given their permission, look for the Sealed Sender option.

You can download and use Signal for free, and it works with both Android and iOS.

TextMe Up

With TextMe Up, you may send unlimited free messages to any US and Canadian phone number while using several phone lines. Even if the recipient is not a TextMe Up customer, you can send texts to anyone without purchasing any plan minutes. TextMe Up can also be used to make and receive video calls, audio recordings, and picture messages.

TextMe Up is a free app that works with both iOS and Android. Unlimited calling and messaging to US and Canadian phone numbers is available with a premium subscription.


When you want to send an anonymous SMS that cannot be linked back to you, Phoner is a fantastic alternative. You can either receive a set second phone number for texting and calling using the app, or you can send private texts from a different random phone number each time.

All that is needed to sign up is your email address, and the process is pretty simple. After that, you are free to start texting and calling in secret. You start out with 100 credits, which equates to 5 minutes and 5 free texts when you first activate the app. To receive more minutes and texts after that, you’ll need to buy extra credit.

Starting at $7.99 for a Silver Credit Pack that contains 5500 credits, Phone provides multiple tier credit packs. Downloading the software itself is free for Android and iOS users.

Cover Me

The best option for a premium texting and calling app for secret communication is undoubtedly CoverMe. Using this safe program, you may get a second phone number and send messages anonymously around the world.

The same (or a different) number can be used to make private calls, send messages that vanish, and recall messages that have already been sent. You don’t have to worry about your message and call history remaining secret with CoverMe because end-to-end encryption is used. As a private safe for your media files on your smartphone, you can also set up a password to lock the app.

When you initially sign up with CoverMe, you will be prompted to provide your email address, password, age, and gender identification. A website where you can choose your second phone number will then be directed to you following that. Following that, you can begin making phone calls and sending texts.

CoverMe offers three different options, with the Small Package, which includes 200 texts and 200 voice minutes, starting at $9.99. Both Android and iOS devices can use the software.

How to Send an Anonymous Text Online

When you want to SMS someone anonymously, you don’t need to download and install any additional software. You can accomplish it online instead by using a web-based tool.

Anonymous Text

The finest website for sending anonymous text messages to anyone in the globe is Anonymous Text. The cost of $1.49 for a single text message up to 160 characters is undoubtedly high, but in my test, the text message was delivered almost immediately.

Simply substitute the +1 for the appropriate country’s country code to send an international text. In my tests, none of the below-mentioned free services performed particularly well. Either the message didn’t reach my phone at all or it did so several hours later.

The response to your text message cannot be viewed, which is unfortunate. Essentially, it is a one-way messaging service.

Send Messages That Can’t Be Traced Back to You

Your communication is not fully anonymous even if you use a service that assures the recipient that your ID is hidden from them. It’s better to avoid sending messages from your personal phone or computer if you’re concerned about privacy.

You have a better chance of remaining entirely anonymous if you use a proxy server or VPN. Make careful to send the message in Incognito mode if you must use your browser to transmit it.

Have you ever tried sending a text message anonymously? What process or application did you employ? In the comments box below, please share your experience using anonymous texting.

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