Genshin lyre songs notes Impact, and Dragonforce players have already created a tonne of fantastic song covers

The freshly added lyre is being used by Genshin lyre songs  Impact players to produce versions of some of the greatest songs ever written.The Mondstadt Festival and an in-game keyboard for playing the lyre were both included in the Genshin Impact update 1.4. Naturally, Through the Fire and Flame by Dragonforce has already been played on the item, and that is just one of the many outstanding covers we have heard thus far.

YouTuber Taka GG recently shared a number of lyre covers, including Megalovania from Undertale and the brand-new Attack on Titan anime OP  . The only thing that actually makes these quick-paced, intricate covers feasible is a script that can play whatever sheet music you provide it. There is a lot going on with the Genshin Impact lyre because it features three keys with seven notes each, each of which is linked to a different keystroke or button depending on your platform.

It would be very hard to strike chords like this, even with a tonne of practise. I’m sure there are some gifted musicians and rhythm gamers that could pull this off naturally. It’s far easier to just write the sheet music and let technology handle the rest, and the results are still beautiful covers.

When it comes to skilled musicians: Using the new in-game lyre, pianist ChaconneScott, who has performed renditions of several Genshin Impact songs, has created a wide variety of tunes that are equally remarkable. This interpretation of Ganyu’s theme is particularly endearing since it demonstrates the power of one person and thoughtful layering:

Other notables include another gorgeous interpretation of Megalovania , the one and only Bad Apple , Rubia  from developer MiHoYo’s Honkai Impact 3rd, and more (for there can never be enough Megalovania covers). The first four-lyre Genshin Impact concert, which we can only presume is being planned as we speak, is something we look forward to.

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