In this incredible garfield game Boy horror game mockup, watch a horrifyingly altered Garfield stalk down Jon.

Jim Davis had no idea that his comic strip garfield game , about a cat that despises Mondays and loves lasagna, would one day become one of the most influential memes in history. Animator LumpyTouch was inspired to recreate those horrifying versions of Garfield as pixel art animations from an unreleased survival horror Game Boy game after artist Will Burke reimagined the smarmy orange cat as a terrifying monstrosity terrorising his owner Jon Arbuckle. If you’re a lover of retro-themed horror, you must watch the new Garfield Game boy’d Complete video, which ties this nightmare-inducing narrative together with additional sequences.

You will tremble in dread for more than 13 minutes as you watch Garfield’s strange creatures come to life in flawless monochrome style that resembles direct-feed footage from a Super Game Boy clutching this terrible cartridge. The audio is likewise nicely done, mixing classic sound effects with spooky growls and making excellent use of the tense soundtracks from the first Clock Tower games. If you can watch all the way to the end without running away in panic, there is even a completely original closing song that is both humorous and menacing.

The minor elements, especially the loading screens that provide Jon and the player some much-needed survival advice, are what really sell this set of animations as a component of a game we never received. Can Jon save his friends Odie, Arlene, and Nermal from being sucked into Garfield’s gaping mouth? Will he find every one of the lost bones for the ideal conclusion? Even though you may have seen clips from Garfield Gameboy’d circulating around for months, seeing them all together (with with the additional sequences and transitions) really cements its status as a classic of horror. LumpyTouch’s video will be the highlight of your day if you enjoy pixelated horror in the style of Clock Tower, Splatterhouse, and Yume Nikki or simply enjoy seeing Garfield as a terrifying hellspawn. Check out this collection of cursed photographs transformed into Earthbound adversaries if you enjoy their work .

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