FIFA 21 celebration in both the traditional and modern ways

Even though it has been over a year since the game’s debut, certain major alterations from prior years are included in the FIFA 21 celebrations list since they feel well-established by this point. The “Shush” and “A-OK” finishes from FIFA 21 have been removed in an effort to lessen the animosity between Weekend League and Division Rivals. You will have to decide whether or not those deletions were worthwhile. In either case, there are countless methods to rejoice over your most recent 35-yard humdinger or empty-net tap-in. In GamesRadar’s FIFA 21 celebrations guide, we list them all below.

How to celebrate FIFA 21 in both the traditional and modern ways all the latest sales in August 2022-imagen 1

List of new FIFA 21 celebrations

There are 14 brand-new FIFA 21 events. Here’s how to carry them out all:

1.     Choosing 1

Press X Binoculars to celebrate the “A” signature. Press X to celebrate in style.

Run to the camera, cry baby

Peace: Hold R1 while tapping Square twice.

Run to the billboards for a selfie

Hold R2 and lower the right stick in disbelief.

Knee Squat Holding L1, move the right stick up, left, down, and right.

Using the Royal Wave: Circle (random celebration)

the fingers Press X to celebrate in style.

Holding R2, flick the right stick right twice to dance and spin.

Hope and Point: While holding R2, quickly depress the right stick twice.

Holding L2, flick the right stick down then up to surf and flex.

Hold R2 and the right stick while you unwind.

Camera Move: Hurry up to the camera.

a celebration of FIFA 21 Favorite FIFA 20 teams

Each of these debuted in FIFA 20:

2.     Choosing 2

Scissors: Hold L1, then click Square.

Hold L2 and double tap to challenge. Square

Twist Flip/Spinning Frog: Hold L2 and rotate RS counterclockwise.

One Eye: Keep R2 pressed, then R3.

Hold R1 and double tap to swagger. Circle

Hold R2, while raising RS.

Pigeon: Keep R1 pressed, then R3.

Hold R1 while flicking RS up twice.

Knee Slide: Hold R1, then twice flick RS left.

Hold L2 and twice flick the RS right to speed walk.

Hand Holding L1, rotate RS clockwise. Spring/Power Slide

a celebration of FIFA 21 Basics

Random: Signature: X Circle

Remove: L1 + R1

a celebration of FIFA 21 Running Technique

Holding the square with your arms extended while sucking your thumb

Wrist Tap the triangle and hold it as you flick.

Aviation: Hold R3

Hold your right hand up and point to the sky.

Hold down the RS on the phone.

Hold RS left and ask “Can you hear me?”

Hands Out: Hold RS Left and flick RS Right

Come on, move the RS left and the RS right.

Kisses: Hold RS up while flicking RS down.

Double Arm Swing: Hold RS down while flicking RS up.

Flying Bird: Hold RS right while flicking RS right.

Place hand on head and flick left while holding left.

Flick RS down and hold RS down for the heart symbol.

Arms Using the RS to point up, hold the RS there.

Windmill: Rotate the RS clockwise.

a celebration of FIFA 21 The Final Moves

  1. Option X: Holding L1, thrice flick RS down.

Holding L1, rotate the RS counterclockwise.

Holding L2 while pressing Circle

Cellular: Hold L2 and click Square.

Hold L2 and hit Triangle to induce trance.

Hold L1 and double-tap Circle to demonstrate respect.

Hold L2 and double-tap Triangle to stir the pot.

Hold L1 while pressing Circle to point upwards.

Spanish Dance: Hold L2 and twice flick RS up.

Elbow: Hold R1, then hit Triangle twice.

The Salute: Press Triangle while holding R1

3.     Choosing 3

Hold the mannequin’s L2 and RS up.

I’m not hearing you Hold L2 and RS to the right.

Hold L2 and keep RS down.


Pipe: Hold L2 and move the RS up and down.

Scorpion: Hold L2, then flick RS to the left and right.

Who I Am: Holding L2, quickly moving the RS to the right and then the left

Neighborhood: Hold L2 and twice flick RS down.

Knee Slide Fail: Hold L2 and twice flick RS to the left

Mask: Hold L1, then twice flick RS up.

The breakdance Holding R1, repeatedly flicking RS to the right

Hold L1, then hit Triangle to ride the wave.

4.     Choosing 4

Knee salutations: Hold R2, hold RS to the left.

Worm in reverse: While holding R1, rotate RS counterclockwise.

Uncontrolled Hold R2 and rotate RS clockwise to perform a backflip.

Handstand: Hold R2, then rotate RS counterclockwise.

Hold R2 and twice flick RS down for a chest thumps.

Chest Slide: Hold L1, then quickly flick RS down and up.

Hold L1, double tap for KO. Square

Right this second: Holding R1, click Circle.

Hold L2 and flick the RS down and up.

Hold R1, hold RS left, and stand tall.

Little Brother: Hold L2, then press twice on Circle.

Elder: Hold L2 and push R3.

5.     Choosing 5

Hold R2, hold RS to the right, and kiss the ground.

Kneel and Beg: Hold R2, keep RS down.

Hold R2 and double tap for backflips. Square

Back Slide: Hold R1, Double Tap Square

Holding L2, rotate the RS clockwise.

Hold R1 while swinging the club left and then right.

Matador: Press R2 and then quickly flip RS up.

Hold R2, then flick RS up and down.

Dance 3: Hold R2 and move RS to the right and left.

Push-ups: Hold R1, then swiping RS left then right.

Holding R1, rotate RS in a clockwise motion.

Hold R1 while flicking RS down twice.

6.     Choosing 6

Hold R2 and flick RS up twice to spin and fall.

Rowing when seated: Hold R2, flick RS right twice.

Knee Walk: Press Square while holding R2; Cradle Swing: Press Triangle while holding R2

To kiss the ring, press R2 twice. Triangle

holding R1, keeping RS raised

Hold R1 and RS to the right for karate kicks.

Jump Kicks: While holding R1, keep RS down.

Hold L1, hold RS to the right, Big Man.

L1, hold RS to the left, baby girl.

7.     Choosing 7

Walk Like Me Leaning left and right while holding L1

Hold L1 and push R3 to giddy up.

Hold L1, then double-tap Triangle to relax.

Call It In: Hold L1, and raise RS.

Motorcycle: Squeeze L1, keep RS down.

Hold L1 and flick the RS up and down to hang loose.

Holding L1, move RS to the right then to the left.

Hold L1, then twice flick RS right.


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