Everything To Know About Brutall Murder Of Carol Maltesi

It is believed that Carol Maltesi, who went by the stage name Charlotte Angie, was murdered in Brescia, Italy, while she was engaged in the process of creating sex records. She had already given birth to one child and was 26 years old at the time.

According to the allegations, her dismembered remains were found on March 21 after being thrown over a steep cliff. Her corpse has been discovered in a number of places. In relation to Maltesi’s death, a man in his forties, between the ages of 43 and 44, was detained.

What the Reports Say

According to reports, the Italian police made an arrest on Tuesday in connection with the finding of 15 defrosted body parts hidden in trash bags in a ditch in Northern Italy on Sunday. The body pieces were discovered by the investigators on Sunday. On Tuesday, after discovering inconsistencies in his story, investigators arrested 43-year-old Milanese bank employee Davide Fontana. Fontana works for Banca Popolare, a bank.

According to reports, Fontana acknowledged in an interview with the NL Times that at the time of Maltesi’s untimely death, he was in the middle of shooting two sexually aggressive recordings with her. The charges suggest that he then subjected her to a string of vicious assaults before slashing her neck. The awful incident was allegedly also recorded on his phone, but when it had been played back and seen, it was deleted. There is a potential that forensics specialists will be able to recover the unintentionally destroyed video.

Who Are The Sources For Her Murder

The sources claim that Fontana continued to pay her rent and maintained a regular presence on her phone, giving the idea that Maltesi was still alive, in order to maintain the pretence that she was still living.

He ordered the dispersal of Maltesi’s remains while they were still in bags when the initial inquiry into her death got underway. Before the investigation began, he took this action.

It was later discovered that Fontana was responsible for Maltesi’s disappearance after he failed to show up for his shift at a nightclub. Afterwards, he is said to have admitted to killing her, and on March 29 of this week, he was taken into jail on many charges, including murder. These accusations against him are related to her passing.

Who Was the Character That Carol Maltesi Played?

The actress Carol Maltesi, better known by her stage name Charlotte Angie, appeared in several pornographic movies and was a member of the band OnlyFans. Most people recognise Maltesi by her stage name Charlotte Angie. She was last seen in January outside of her home in Rescaldina, a town close to Milan, when she was last seen alive.

Rumor has it that after the outbreak led to her losing her job and going without work, Carol Maltesi, a mother of a six-year-old child, started acting in pornographic movies.

At the beginning of this year, she began a romantic relationship with Davide Fontana, who lived right next door to her; nevertheless, they parted ways not long after they began dating each other.

What About Her Identification

Journalist Andrea Tortelli is credited for identifying Maltesi’s body after officials provided a description of the victim. According to the NL Times, this is. This incident took place in March.

He then reported the incident to the Italian police after utilizing images to confirm her identification over the phone with his relatives. All of this happened after he had spoken to his family members over the phone.

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