DIGIMON WORLD 3 Faq and Cheats :PS1

Digimon must learn digivolves by leveling up in Digimon World 3. Here are some sample digital evolves by DIGIMON WORLD 3 Faq and Cheats :

  • Bandai PS1

Go to the Asuka Inn and down the staircase on the left side of the screen to find the Yellow Cruiser. Turn left into the underground passageway after passing through the bottom door. There are two stations as you exit the Under Ground Passage, one with a blue top and the other with a yellow top. Obtain the yellow top and head to the store.

  • PS1 Growlmon Obtaining Guide

Get a Guilmon first, level him up to 5, and it will say Growlmon.

  • Digivoluten PS1

All you need to do is level up your Digimon to 5.

(You may digivolve your digimon into three distinct champions!)

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