Cómo escribir O mayúscula con acento Ó


Many keyboards already come with the accent key, but if you need to use one in a language other than your own and need to know how to insert the o with a tilde or an accent in Ascii or another format, we’ll answer all of your questions here.

And that’s because this issue arises frequently even with other types of letters, such as when we try to write the letter A with a tilde or insert an ellipsis in a Maya. Therefore, we’ve provided the most practical ways for you to place the accent mark (or tilde) in the word “macula” below.

Escribir en Windows
Con ALT + Código ASCII

For this particular case, you would need to do the following:

Keep pressing the ALT key on your keyboard.
At the same time, press the 224 buttons on the numeric keypad without releasing the ALT button.
After the suites, you’ll see what appears on your screen.
Avoid doing it on the computer keypad since it won’t work if you press the keys that are just above the letters.

Con laptop sin pad numérico

Since laptops’ keyboards tend to be shorter and occasionally lack a numeric keypad, they present a unique set of circumstances that allow you to try the following:

Fn+NumLock/Bloqnum + pulse
Now look at ALT, keep it pressed, and type 224.

Escribir en MAC

If you’re not used to using Apple computers, it’s possible that you feel a little lost, but it doesn’t matter because we’ve provided you with a guide below:

If you have an English keyboard, press the O key briefly to bring up the option to emphasise it.
You may also use ALT+Shift+h if the keyboard is an English one.

Escribir en LINUX

The Tilde character is written differently in Linux than in Windows, but it is still quite simple to perform. All you have to do to do this is adhere to these steps to obtain the symbol:

Check your keyboard’s configuration and go to Configurations and Distribution to make sure the second level button is selected.
Press Shift + Mayus + O to bring up the majuscule with tilde now.

Palabras que empiezan con Ó

There are several terms that begin with an o, among which we highlight:


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