Cómo escribir el símbolo del corazón « ♥ » con el teclado

Knowing how to make a heart shape with a keyboard is simple whether you use the Windows or Mac operating systems. Additionally, there are various ways to do it and you can add many interesting symbols in addition to the heart symbol.

Both on Windows and on Mac, placing the heart symbol is very simple. You’ll have a variety of options depending on the computer you have available. Don’t miss the next tutorial with detailed step-by-step instructions if you want to learn how to do it in various ways.

Símbolo ♥ Nombre Corazón
Code ASCII 3
Writing on Windows using ALT + 3 on the keyboard
Using the keyboard shortcuts (cmd) + space + symbols to type on a Mac
Origin and significance of the heart symbol
Heart symbolism is connected to the emotion of love. It is used to represent this kind of emotion by joining two geometrical halves that are symbolic of a couple.

One of the origins of the heart symbol can be found in Egypt, though they did so in a way that was much more similar to the vital organ that bears the same name.

The heart’s symbol in ancient Greece was a piece of dried hemp that was placed as a crown on the god Baco and whose meaning was connected to loyalty, passion, and immortality.

Writing in Windows
With ALT and ASCII code
If you have a computer with a keyboard, this option is very simple to use.

The first step is to turn on your keyboard’s BloqNum function so that you can combine it with the Alt key, which will enable you to perform the combination necessary to make the heart symbol appear.
Now press ALT + 3. Do not press ALT before pressing the number 3.
After pressing the 3, press the ALT key, and the symbol will appear. It is very critical that you do this from the numeric keypad because if you use the number 3 in the upper bar, the heart symbol won’t appear.
with character map
If your computer lacks a numeric keypad, you must access the character map and enter the heart symbol.

Para ello abre el menú Inicio desde la esquina inferior izquierda del escritorio.

Now type “map of characters” and turn on the advanced Windows casing. Next, click on the Subrango de Unicode > Agrupar by > Symbols and Vietas option. All of the various symbols, including the heart symbol, will be displayed on your screen.
Double-click and press the “Copiar” button. Now all you have to do is press Ctrl > V to paste it where you want it to appear in your text.
Writing on a MAC
Since there is no specific command, it is impossible to directly press the heart symbol on Mac’s keyboard. But it is possible to insert from the Emoji visualization option.

Visor de símbolos de Mac

To add the heart symbol from a Mac, go to the Apple menu located in the upper-right corner and select “System Preferences.”
Continue by selecting Teclado > Show keyboard and emoji icons in the menu bar. There will be a new emoji visualisation option available.
You must go to Edit > Emoji and symbols in order to see the heart symbol. You can navigate to the Symbolism option under the Emoji category to view various types of hearts.
Double-click the symbol you want to use, and it will be inserted where you want it in the text.
Writing in LINUX

The Linux operating system offers a different and incredibly simple alternative for writing the heart symbol. To do only the following:

Presiona las teclas Shift + Ctrl.

Now type the code U2665 while continuing to press the earlier buttons.
¡Listo! Ya tienes el símbolo del corazón en tu pantalla.
Con laptop sin pad numérico
Como los teclados de los ordenadores portátiles tienen un teclado más reducido, también exigen una combinación de teclas diferente a la de los de escritorio. En este caso, haremos lo siguiente:

Activa el teclado numérico presionando Fn + NumLock.
Presiona Alt y luego la tecla correspondiente al número 3, que suele ser la L.
Listo, ya habrás escrito el símbolo de corazón.
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Con el teclado de un ordenador, puedes realizar múltiples funciones como por ejemplo poner la arroba o poner un guión bajo entre otras. No dudes en utilizar todas las funciones y comandos disponibles para sacarle todo el partido a tu equipo.

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