Cómo escribir el signo de interrogación o pregunta ¿? con el teclado


Do not worry if you are writing an important text and must suddenly use the interrogation symbol. There are numerous methods for writing this orthographic sign on any physical or virtual keyboard, whether it be running Windows, MacOS, or Linux. We’ve shown you how to write words with diacritical marks, tildes, commas, between crocheters, and more in other articles. Now you know how to write the question or interrogation symbol on the keyboard (?)

Símbolo ¿,?
Opening of the interview and closing of the interview

ASCII code opening: 169 63 Cierre
Writing in Windows by pressing ALT + 168 ALT + 63
Writing in Windows
On a keyboard

You can write the question mark in the following manner:

Place the Tecla where the open-ended question mark () appears. Now only aprétala.
Place the button where this symbol appears to perform the “interrogation close” indication (?). Now press Shift and the keyboard to start.
Con Shift + Ascii Code
Another option is to write the question mark on your keyboard using ASCII code. The only need is that you must have a keyboard that has a numeric section.

Remember that ASCII is a coding system assigned to all of the characters found in computers, including numbers, letters, and symbols. You can access them by pressing the “Alt” key and the appropriate code together. Follow these steps if the sign of an interrogation is displayed:

The interrogational sign that opens ()

Keep the “Alt” key pressed while simultaneously pressing “168” to write the “open-ended question” sign ().
After that, press the “Alt” button to make the sign appear in your writing.

sign of an ending interview (?)

Keep pressing the “Alt” key while simultaneously pressing “63” to write the “closed” interrogation sign.
You can still try other methods to write the question mark in your documents if you don’t have a numeric keypad.

Writing on a MAC

There are several different MAC key configurations, therefore you must first identify the key on which the question mark, whether it be an opening or a closing, appears. Some possibilities are:

The location is on the right side of the number 0. You must press Shift and the relevant key in that situation.
If you’re looking for the MAC’s interrogation window button, it may not appear on all of them, so try pressing the following buttons instead: To obtain the normal interrogation signal at the reverse, use the options of muscles and interrogation at the same time.
Use the MAC’s symbol panel.
Additionally, you may use the symbol map in MAC to write the question mark. Follow these recommendations:

Make click on the manzana symbol first.
Next, click “Preferences of the system.”
Access the “Teclado” pasta after that.
Make sure that “Mostrar teclado y visores de emoji” is turned on in “Men.”
Now click “Mostrar emojis y smbolos.”
Finally, press down on the question mark opening and closing in the pestle “Punctuation.”
Writing in LINUX
If you use Linux, you can also access a set of keys and commands to write the interrogation sign for opening and closing. Only adhere to these devices:

To open the sign, use “Ctrl.” Next, “Shift,” “u,” and “bf” are all pressed simultaneously.
To turn off the sign, press “Ctrl.” After that, “Shift,” “u,” and simultaneously “3f.”
Utilize a virtual keyboard.
You may also activate the virtual keypad in macOS to successfully write the question mark, both for opening and closing. Only follow these few steps:

Go to “System Preferences.”
Click the “Teclado” button.
Then click the checkbox next to “Mostrar teclado and emoji” in the menu.
Then choose “Mostrar visor de teclado” to activate the virtual keyboard’s visualization.
Once activated, proceed in the same way as with the previous option, but instead of tapping, you must position the cursor over the appropriate keys.

with character map
You may also write the question mark in Windows by using the character map. Continue with the next steps:

Press “Win” before pressing the “point” button (.).
After that, click the “Symbolos” link ().
Finally, locates the interrogation signal flashing in “Puntuación general.”
In a laptop without a number pad
Not all portable computers have a numeric keypad, so if you want to write the interrogation sign using ASCII code, you’ll need to temporarily turn one on.

Press the Fn key along with the NumLock key to activate the numeric keypad.
The buttons 7, 8, 9, U, I, O, J, K, and L will be replaced by the numbers 0 to 9 upon activation.
You can now write the punctuation mark using the ASCII code by marking:

Alt followed by the number “168” to open ().
Alt was followed by the number “63” to close (?).
Uses for the interrogation symbol
The question mark symbol is frequently used in writing. Following that, we’ll list some of its uses for you. Therefore, you will understand how significant its use is.

Direct questions will be closed. Examples: What happened? Interested in hiring your employees?
When a part of the prayer is added to express doubt or irony, parenthesis is used. ejemplos: He sold a million copies of his book.
It might show up in parenthesis to replace a mysterious birth or death date, or it might accompany those who seem to be in doubt. Examples include Gregorio Hernández (1576-1636) and Adele Bouchard (1714–1750).
When some of the data are unknown, it is also possible to use only the ‘closed’ sign of interrogation. Fray Miguel de Salinas, for instance (?–1577)
They can be combined with other signs, such as the exclamation point. Example: What are you saying?
You might be interested in learning how to write the cursive symbol “_” on the keyboard, how to write the diagonal “INVERTIDA” or “INVERSA” on the keyboard, and how to write “O macula with an accent.”

With these techniques, you may write the question or interrogation symbol on your keyboard using the ASCII or other characters on any operating system, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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