Cómo escribir diagonal INVERTIDA o inversa «\» con el teclado

Although most people are familiar with the standard bar (/), which can be found on the seven keys of every Spanish keyboard and on the numeric keypad of most office typewriters, the inverted bar () has different results. Still, there are a few different ways to put this peculiar personality on paper.

In order to enter a vertical bar into a text or a formula using a keyboard, one only has to locate the appropriate clave. Therefore, just as in other articles we’ve tried to show you the proper way to type accents, the check or palomita symbol, the low guidance, the high guidance, and other signs, you’ll now also know how to type the diagonal INVERTIDA or barra inverse «» on the keyboard using a variety of techniques.

Escribir en Windows

The inverted bar may already have a corresponding key on your keyboard, depending on the model you use. If you look at the number 7 on your keyboard, you’ll see the standard bar, but finding the inverted diagonal will be more challenging. Then, proceed with the steps below:

Check to see whether the inverted diagonal appears on your keyboard:

An ordinal indicator (a or o) is located before the number 1 on the same key as the Escape key.
In the number line, but after 0, and even if it doesn’t show up on the keyboard, zero may be present.

Try to figure out how this character is set up for your keyboard model. To do this, just press the “Alt Gr” key, and then, without releasing the key, press any of the two options mentioned above to have the inverted diagonal symbol (“”) appear in your writing.

If your keyboard is set up for English, the inverted bar key will be to the left of the “Shift” key. Here, all you have to do is press the key to execute the command.

The combination of Alt + Ascii Code

When using the standard American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) keyboard layout, certain key combinations can be used to write the inverted bar, as it is most commonly seen.

Keep tapping the “Alt” key.
Tap 9 and 2 without releasing the Alt key.

When you are done, release the “Alt” key, and the inverted bar symbol will appear on your screen as if by magic. You can’t use this method unless you have a numeric keypad, which is often located on the right side of a standard keyboard. The act of penning words on a laptop without a calculator

You may use the same method on a laptop with a numeric keyboard in the same way. However, if your laptop lacks this section of the keyboard, you can temporarily activate a numeric keypad to write the inverted bar symbol in the manner shown below.

Press the “FN” and “NumLock” keys simultaneously.
When you do this, the digits 0 through 9 will replace the letters J, L, K, U, I, O, 7, 8, and 9.
Once the numeric keypad is active, continue using the earlier method of combining ASCII code with the “Alt” key.
Once you have the bar in the up position in your writing, press “FN” again while holding down “NumLock” to deactivate the temporary numeric keypad.

If the “NumLock” key isn’t available on your laptop, you may accomplish the same result by pressing ALT + FN + 9 + K at the same time.

character map included

You may also use Windows’ character map, which includes all special characters and symbols, to locate the flipped bar.

You need just access this map, and then use the well-known copy and paste commands, to include it into your writing.

Look under “Inicio” and look for the key phrase “mapa de caracteres.”
When you open it and see the flipped diagonal, select it all by holding down the Shift key, and then use Ctrl C and Ctrl V to copy and paste it into your target page.

Don’t forget you can also select it and copy it by using the right mouse button.

Microsoft Word for Macintosh typing

Using a Mac computer, you may quickly and easily type the symbol for a reversed diagonal using any of two different key combinations.


Opción 1

Keep pressing the “Alt” key while simultaneously pressing the A and O keys on the upper left, directly below the number 1.

Opción 2

Use the combination of Shift and Alt with the number 7.
To make use of the reverse diagonal

The inverted diagonal ” is also called a slash inverted, an inverted slash, an inverted bar, an inverted bar inverse, an inverted oblique bar, and an inverted oblique bar.

This symbol has many applications in computing and is widely used in a variety of programming languages including HTML, C++, and even Javascript. You may also use it to write a street address or the right URL for a website while using a web browser.

In Microsoft’s operating systems (Windows and MC DOS), they’re used to set up hierarchies and distinguish between different folders.

You may access this unique quality by entering the commands we’ll outline below.

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