Cómo encontrar restaurantes cerca de mi ubicación con Google Maps


Google Maps continues to become more hyperlocal and enhances the features related to recommendations for nearby businesses. This is possible because of the thorough understanding the search engine has of us, which includes the ability to ascertain our preferences for food, shopping, locations, and vacation destinations. In this case, we’ll provide you with all the options you have for using Google Maps to find a restaurant close to where you are.

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Use Google Maps to explore an area around it.
Find the restaurants that Google Maps has listed as “Para ti”
Learn about local restaurant specials
Find restaurants in the most touristy areas close to you.
Consult a restaurant, store, or bar’s peak hours.
Find your restaurant on Google Maps using expanded reality.
Tell your friends where the restaurant is located.
Download the maps to find a restaurant without internet access.
Use voice navigation to go to the restaurant you choose.
Keep a list of your favourite restaurants.

Explore a location’s surroundings with Google Maps.

How to use Google Maps to find nearby restaurants – Use Google Maps to explore a location’s surroundings
When traveling or on vacation, it is possible to obtain a list of the restaurants around, including those in nearby cities and towns as well as in nearby neighborhoods and streets.

1 To accomplish this, adhere to these steps:

Click the search bar to bring up the menu.
Select “Explore the area” from the menu.
You may find a list of strategic locations here, including nearby restaurants. You may even determine the closest route from your location to the restaurant in question based on your preferences.

2 Locate the restaurants that Google Maps has listed as “Para ti”

How to use Google Maps to find restaurants nearby my location – Find the restaurants that Google Maps has listed. Para ti
Keeping yourself informed about the restaurants and other places you want to find nearby is now easier than it has ever been. You should just listen to the song “Para ti” to get ideas for new restaurants.

This function also makes use of the “affinity” point by combining the information you have added, the restaurants you have rated or visited, and the meals you have enjoyed with the knowledge it has about millions of locations.

The first time you use this feature, you may choose the areas or locations that interest you to get more individualized and pertinent restaurant recommendations over time.

3Aware of the nearby restaurant offers

How to use Google Maps to find restaurants in my location – Learn about nearby restaurant specials
Additionally, “Ofertas” for restaurants and other interests arrive on Google Maps. There is a new section where you can find the best and most tailored restaurant deals and discounts based on where you are.

On find out more information, just click the “Offertas” link under the heading “Explore or filter restaurants with offers” to the left.
Examine each one and choose the one you value the most. You may easily store the map if you want to keep it as a place you want to visit in the near future.

4Find restaurants in the most touristy areas close to you.

How to find nearby restaurants using Google Maps: Look for eateries in the areas that are closest to you that are most popular with tourists.
You may navigate to the area’s most popular neighborhood and find the restaurants there using Google Maps. The application gives you a brief description of the neighborhoods that surround you when you are in the city. All that is required to be done in order to access these few travel advice is:

In the men Descubrir
Click the little grey arrow to the left of the area’s name.
You may view a list of the area’s restaurants. Review their qualifications and the services they provide to make an appropriate choice.

5 Check the peak hours of a restaurant, store, or bar.

How to use Google Maps to find restaurants nearby my location – Consult a restaurant, store, or bar’s peak hours.
Before visiting a pub or restaurant that Google Maps has listed for you as nearby establishment, you probably want to know whether the area is crowded with people. Google Maps can also provide an answer to this query!

All you need to do to avoid drinking before entering a bar, restaurant, or trendy coffee shop is to check the app’s current time directly. After that, Google Maps will give you a rough description of the average frequency of a public place at the time you select it. We’ll explain how to do it here:

Write your destination’s name in the search bar.
Click on the location archive.
Going to early hours
Select a certain day and hour of the week.
The usefulness of this function lets you choose the less frequent times. Watch out, use this as a guide, since factors like specials, holidays, or significant events may overwhelm the restaurant’s flow.

6 Use Google Maps to find your restaurant’s augmented reality location.

How to use Google Maps to find nearby restaurants – Use Google Maps to find your restaurant with enhanced reality
Google Maps enables you to arrive easily by using an enhanced reality navigation mode, regardless of whether you can find the restaurant of your choice on a busy or hidden street. An artificial intelligence system that includes components intended to direct you while looking from the primary photosensor.

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