Cheats Of tomb raider chronicles

Here are listed some cheats of Cheats Of tomb raider chronicles !

unique Features

Hold Y while selecting the Timer TMX until the number of secrets uncovered changes to 36/36.

The Gallows Tree

First, go to the title screen (where it reads “new game,” “load game,” and “options”). Then, press and hold the L and R triggers while simultaneously pushing left on the direction pad. After a short delay, the game will begin automatically at the gallows tree with little Lara.


Optional Special Feature

Select “Timex” (TMX) from the inventory screen by highlighting it. Hold down L1, L2, R1, R2, Down, and Circle while pressing.

Triangle. Find the “Special Features” option on the main menu after quitting the game.


Swallow Dive

Hold square, R1, and forward while remaining motionless and holding nothing in your hands. The moment you complete this action, Lara will swan dive.


Get weapons, medkits, and ammunition.


On the Tower Block Level, play

Hold up, R1, and X when selecting the New Game option from the main menu.


Get Every Item

Press and hold L2 + L1 + R2 + R1 + Down while selecting the Large Medkit (TIMEX?) on the inventory screen to leave the inventory screen.


5 Tricks

You MUST be facing ABSOLUTELY NORTH in order to use the following hacks! (Stay on a cliff?)

Stage Skip

Go to the inventory, then press and hold L + I + F + T to load the game.

All Weapon

Go to the inventory, then press and hold C, T, R, and L while selecting the huge medipak.

All Item

Press A + L + T + G + R while selecting the mini medipak from the inventory.

God Mode

Press and hold F + I + R + E after going to the inventory and then to the flares.

Naval Docks And The Thirteenth Floor

After experimenting with the code provided by Jolly Roger, I found that you may skip to the Submarine docks by holding the L trigger, R trigger, and down buttons on the control pad when on the main choice screen. You may skip to the 13th Floor level by performing precisely the same way, but holding right instead of down.

Quick Cut In Training Mode

When you get to the third golden skull at the first head fountain, this is easy to do. Before running and jumping just before ascending the slope, hop back around thrice. As soon as you touch down, hop back and press forward. You should touch down on the sidewalk.


Choose the Gallows Tree level

Highlight the new game on the main menu screen. Press x to begin the Gallows Tree level while holding down L2. (correction Make sure the new game choice is highlighted before pressing up, whatever shoulder button you want, depending on the world you want to warp to, and X all at once to use the shoulder buttons at the title screen to skip to a certain level.)


Play FMVs

Press R2 + Select to access the main menu.


Small, large, and flares indefinitely

When you choose the Timex and hold L1+L2+R1+R2+Down+Square while pressing Triangle to leave your inventory, you should have an infinite supply of flares, small medipacks, and large medipacks when you return to the inventory screen.


Lara Performing A Handstand

Approach a box or other sturdy object, press up, cross them, and hold on. When Lara jumps, press and hold R1 while doing so. Hold down each of the three buttons until she performs a handstand. then take a seat and observe her aerobic prowess!


Every Level

Press and hold L1+up+X on BlackIsle.

To find the Spear, hold down L2 and L2 up.

Press and hold R1+up+X to contact VCI Headquarters.

At the New/Load game screen, enter these codes.


Tower Block with a 13th Floor

Hold up, L1, and X when selecting the New Game option from the main menu.

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