Cheat for Gauntlet Legends

Cheat for Gauntlet Legends are listed below :

  • Dreamcast


Use an auto fire controller and enter the mountain world’s first level. Now ascend the first flight of stairs and configure the controller to automatically shoot at the approaching green trolls. Leave on all day for extreme levels?

  • Dreamcast

You must enter Mountain level 4, where the anti-death halo is located. Once you’ve got it, locate Death and awaken him. Make certain not to murder him. Then, rather than raising you to your level, it drops you. You advance one level above him.

  • Dreamcast

When you reach level 30, choose “new” under character management and press B. Use a wizard, a warrior, an archer, or a Valkeyre.

  • Dreamcast

Receives a Complete Pause Screen

Press X + Y once the game has stopped.

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