Charlize Theron Hancock chats

When a celebrity gets down with a station like MTV (opens in new tab) to promote her most recent movie, you never quite know what to expect, but fortunately for the network, it seems that Charlize Theron Hancock chats is a game, foul-mouthed talker.

When she was promoting her new movie Sleepwalking, which had its Sundance debut, she was also questioned about Hancock, the summer movie co-starring Will Smith’s indolent superhero. “I only recently watched it. The movie is very original, she says the website. I’m thrilled to be a part of it because Peter Berg did something I’ve never seen before. My favourite. It somewhat undermines the notion of genre. It defied classification into any genre.

Check out her revelation that she almost received the lead in Showgirls, her stream of comedic profanity, and her hilarious assessment of Jason Bateman, a fellow Hancock and former Arrested Development thesp. Though MTV has blanked out every filthy word, don’t worry if you’re sensitive to them.

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