Here is a rendering of a 3D boss pokemon revolution using the original artwork, complete with chonky Pikachu.

A very nostalgic rendering of what a 3D boss pokemon revolution game might look like if it were based on the original visual style has been teased to the world by a Pokemon enthusiast.

When I say “original art style,” I’m referring to the original design for the Pokemon created by Ken Sugimori and featured in the Gen 1 trade cards and game manuals; in other words, the design that gave rise to the chonky Pikachu before it was slimmed down for the anime series. Anyway, in this fan-made film, a 3D Pokemon game is imagined with those amazingly retro visuals, and this has to happen as soon as possible. Look it over:

Although there is no sign that this is anything more than a silly little film, the project’s developer pokeyugami gave it a name and a brief summary. The translated tweet says, “This is a nostalgic but fresh ‘Pokémon: The First Generation’ generated through a distortion of time and space!

The Pokemon from 1996 apparently travelled through a space-time distortion in this magnificent 17-second world, maybe the same one as in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and ended up in a 2022 3D Pokemon game set in the Viridian Forest. If only someone, like Nintendo, would take this and make it into a whole game.

Arceus has a similar cel-shaded appearance to the actual Pokemon games we’re receiving this year, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but they’re located in a region that appears to be loosely based on Southwestern Europe. It still has a lovely appearance, but unlike this fan-made fantasy, it won’t overwhelm you with memories.

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