You won’t need to go outdoors to recharge if you get a blacklight because it produces light comparable to that of the sun.

GBA Sun Light Easier

When the game BOKTAI: THE SUN IS IN YOUR HAND asks you to place your palm over the sensor BEFORE you begin, do it in the dark, and your sensor will become automatically sensitive to sunlight. You’re in luck with this code if you don’t want to sweat in the sun while playing video games. If you followed the code correctly, you may now relax in the shade while holding the sun in your hands!

GBA How To Increase Oneko

At least a half-full battery is required initially. The fencing frame must then be obtained from Deserted Arsenal. Go to the solar tree next. Finally, turn to face Ottenko, press B, and hold your finger on it to see him expand.Oh, and when you hear him utter his name as he grows, release your hold right away. If you time it well, you will also hear him say his name in a louder tone and receive something strong and beneficial against foes; but, you will have to discover what it is for yourself.

GB A Dead

You should either hide or, after getting the knight gun, shoot the irritating undeads two or more times to go past them.

Second Dungeon for GBA

There is a chamber with a large number shaped like grass in the second dungeon.When it asks what the number is, a 9-shaped object appears. Enter the chamber through the door that leads there. strike the 4 lever, 3 lever, and 2 lever in the same room. then pass by the door. Run over the 7, the 9, the 10, the 12, and then the 4 in the following room. This will let a stairwell open. Go down it and continue to wander.

Invisible Undead for GBA

You will come across a lot of invisible zombies during the course of the game, but you don’t need a see-all nut to fight them; instead, you may do so. When one of them does its spike move, flee and fire a spread in the middle of the attack before fleeing. Repeat this sequence until the target is killed.

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