The best cheap Nintendo Switch bundle deals – all the latest sales in August 2022

With reductions on package offerings across the US and UK plus a few infrequent price decreases on the consoles alone, Nintendo Switch bundle are widely accessible these days. This week is generally stable, with many of the top Ninendo Switch bundles in the UK still on the market and the new OLED model enjoying a slight $7 reduction in the US as well. Whichever system you have your eye on, there are a tonne of Nintendo Switch offers available right now on both sides of the water.

In the US and the UK, Nintendo Switch sales often come in waves, with a bounty of stock one week and shelves bare the next. We’re certain that more will arrive soon if you don’t quite make it to the stock below. Despite a tiny dip in Nintendo Switch OLED supply at the beginning of the month, we are currently back at capacity with lots of consoles on the shelf. However, if the recent trend has taught us anything, it is that these technologies aren’t fixed in stone and may still elude our grasp.

Below, you’ll discover all the most recent Nintendo Switch discounts on the system alone, and further down the page, you’ll find our selection of the finest bundles currently on the market.

If you’re seeking for Nintendo Switch discounts on the console alone, we’ve included all the most recent pricing from online merchants below. These comparison charts will show you the greatest deals currently available, but if you’re looking for a bundle, you can see all the most recent reductions lower down the page.

Best Nintendo Switch offers right now

Every day, we search more than 250 million goods for the greatest deals.It’s worth looking at the Nintendo Switch Lite discounts below if you’re only searching for a portable console. They are much less expensive than the main console (and much less expensive than the OLED variant), but the usefulness is constrained as there is no docked mode. These gadgets typically cost $199 or £199.The top Nintendo Switch Lite discounts right nowEvery day, we search more than 250 million goods for the greatest deals.


1.     At BT, the Nintendo Switch OLED costs £299.98.

Save £10 – Last week, the Nintendo Switch OLED at Very was on sale for $289, however that item is no longer available. However, BT is still offering £10 off that £309.99 RRP, allowing you to get the most recent console for just under £300.

2.     Nintendo Switch is available at The Game Collection for £239.95.

Save £20 – This week, The Game Collection is offering a discount on the regular Nintendo Switch system. So, anyone looking for an inexpensive dockable gadget should pay special attention to this gaming-specific merchant. Additionally, you can still get free shipping in 1-2 business days.

3.       Currys was selling this Nintendo Switch bundle for £269 last week,

but has since increased the price to £279. Nintendo Switch | Nintendo Switch Sports | £279 at Currys Save £’10 With this updated release and basic console, you’re still getting a terrific  and saving money.

4.     At Currys, the Nintendo Switch OLED with Minecraft costs £309.

Save £20 – With this most recent Nintendo Switch offer from Currys, you can pick up a free copy of Minecraft and save £20 in the process. Although we frequently see this game in bundles, buying it separately from the console is a little more difficult.

5.     Argos: Nintendo Switch OLED with a stealth travel bag, £309.99

Argos now offers a free Stealth travel case when you purchase a Nintendo Switch OLED. If you want to keep your gadget protected from the start, that is a great . The availability of this product varies by location, therefore it’s important to verify with your neighbourhood shop.

6.        Amazon has the Nintendo Switch OLED with the PowerA Slim Case for             £314.94.

Save £5 – Even though this  appears to just save you £5, the Nintendo Switch OLED has an RRP of £309.99, so altogether you’re getting a great  on the case. That is i for individuals who want to safeguard their brand-new console right away.

7.     At Currys, the Nintendo Switch OLED and Nintendo Switch Sports cost            £319.

Save £20 by purchasing a Nintendo Switch Sports bundle with a $309 Nintendo Switch OLED instead of the regular £39.99 price tag. One of the top packages available at the moment is this one.

8.     Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and the Nintendo Switch OLED are both $329 at                Currys.

Save £20 – This Nintendo Switch package is for you if you want to buy a classic straight away. Currently, Currys is offering £20 off this Switch OLED and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundle, bringing the cost down to £329. You can thus get the vintage kart racer for for £20.


Looking to purchase some accessories for your Nintendo Switch? Here, we’ve included a few necessities. For instance, you’ll discover some of the top Nintendo Switch accessories currently available, from the best Nintendo Switch chargers to Nintendo Switch SD cards.On the other hand, if you want to play some local multiplayer with family or friends, we’ve also compiled a list of the finest Nintendo Switch controllers. Do you require a Pro controller or extra Joy-cons? This is where you should begin.Every day, we search more than 250 million goods for the greatest s.It’s time to get some Nintendo Switch gaming earphones now that Bluetooth audio is finally available. Although these cups are often less expensive than their PC equivalents, you may still save a lot of money. All of the most recent pricing for our top selections are listed here.

What Nintendo Switch model should you purchase?

  • Three different Nintendo Switch models are now available, or shortly will be. However, each one does provide a distinct experience, so it’s crucial to pick the one that’s best for you.
  • Nintendo Switch (standard): This system offers the traditional gaming experience that was first presented in 2017. (though most consoles on the shelves these days are the 2019 versions with a boosted battery life). It’s i for both single-player and multiplayer games since it comes with detachable controllers that can be shared by two players and a portable screen that lets you play on TV or in handheld mode.
  • Nintendo Switch Lite: The Nintendo Switch Lite is marketed as an entry-level console for youngsters or anybody who likes to play on the go and is only available as a portable. It is significantly less expensive, however it cannot be used on TV, lacks detachable controllers, and misses some functionality, such as joypad rumbling. It will continue to play all the same games, though.
  • Nintendo Switch OLED model: The most recent Switch model has a 7-inch OLED screen, an enhanced kickstand, and a little more streamlined construction, but other than those exterior changes, it has the same functionality and performance as the normal Switch.

What is the cost of the Nintendo Switch?

  • It’s crucial to be aware of the Switch consoles’ starting costs if you want to make sure you’re getting a decent bargain. Particularly in the US, we’re used to seeing certain retailers raise the price when competitors have sold out.
  • The Nintendo Switch retail price in the US is now $299, whereas it is currently £259 in the UK (and will decrease by £20 in September 2021). The US market for the Switch Lite The MSRP is $199, and the pricing in the UK is £199. In the US, the Nintendo Switch OLED costs $349, while in the UK, it costs £309.
  • Avoid being taken aback by listings that are more expensive; verify that they are part of a package or include anything remarkable. Also, always make sure the vendor is reputable.

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