Alternativas a DonTorrent. ¿Ha cerrado o ya no funciona?

The thankfully still-open website DonTorrent is a great resource for downloading movies and TV shows for free using Torrent files. However, in order to obtain pirated content, it is advisable to be familiar with a number of different sites, as these run a high risk of being shut down. Therefore, below, we suggest some websites you can visit as alternatives to DonTorrent in the event that this portal shuts down.

What’s going on with DonTorrent? Does it not work or did it close down permanently?

DonTorrent is a website where you can download TV shows and movies for free. But the author’s rights are being violated here. Many websites devoted to providing free content have been forced to shut down, have had to frequently switch domain names, or have been the target of legal action as a result of this.

VeoTorrent, Series Danko, TodoTorrents, SkyTorrent, and others have all experienced a similar fate. Luckily, online movie downloads are still going strong. You can still find websites that host huge catalogs at your disposal, so you can bring along all of the most anticipated new releases.

Best alternatives to the file-sharing platform Mejores alternativas a DonTorrent

As far as we’re aware, authorities have not blocked access to DonTorrent’s website, and the service itself is still active. This is nothing more than a stroke of luck, as similar websites, such as MejorenVO and Divx on top, are frequently shut down.

Even if it isn’t scheduled maintenance, something like a hosting failure or a DDoS attack could knock this page offline. Por este motivo, conviene tener en cuenta algunas alternativas a DonTorrent en las que también puedas descargar las mejores películas y series totalmente gratis.

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Limetorrents. cc

In terms of distinguishing features, limetorrents. stands out for its seemingly infinite content catalog. The movie section alone has over a thousand pages packed with Torrent files; this is in addition to the other media (music, TV shows, anime, video games, and so on) that is available.

Limetorrents doesn’t have a fancy interface and has minimal advertising, but it does have fake links. Despite this, its massive content variety is enough to warrant its position as the top alternative to DontTorrent.


Many people have different preferences when it comes to video file types; some are OK with the industry standard MP4, while others find the convenience of DVDR files to be more appealing. The next step for this last group of people leads them to DonTorrent.

If you’re looking for a free movie and TV show downloads via Torrent, go no further than MoviesDVDR, where everything is available in DVDR format. This is not all that excels at, though; they also regularly release high-quality Torrents and update their catalog monthly to include the latest releases in theatres.


Movie buffs can search for and download top-tier films from the Mexican film industry right here at yts. mx. They have a wide selection of 4K movies for those who demand the highest picture and sound quality. Further, its interface is rich with intriguing details like being able to see a film or show’s rating as you scroll over its cover art. This way, you can decide if it’s worth your time and money.

More advertisements and pop-up windows than the other sites on this list can be found on this alternative website to DonTorrent. A good ad blocker, however, will make using this site a breeze.

Estrenos depart

When looking for alternatives to DonTorrent, Estrenos GO is a great option. This is an online database containing movies of various genres. You may find a wide variety of horror, action, romantic, and television series films here, all available for free online download.

Even though the design is vintage, their catalog is always being updated, so you may always have the newest releases at your fingertips. The newest movies are always shown first on the interface, and you may start downloading them as soon as you see them.


Similarly, MejorTorrent is a great substitute for DonTorrent. Although the interface is dated and uninspiring, it offers a comprehensive catalog of movies and TV shows that can be downloaded for free via the BitTorrent protocol.

There is minimal advertising on this website. In addition to its effective search tool, it offers over 57,000 titles to choose from, ensuring user satisfaction. In addition, it stores a large number of fascinating documentaries, video games, and music that can be downloaded with only a few mouse clicks.


DonTorrent has some competition in the form of VivaTorrents. Here on this well-known website, you may download Torrent files containing a wide variety of media. Movies and TV shows are available for free download. You may narrow your search by selecting a certain genre or year, or you can enter the film’s title into the search bar.

The site is entertaining and has few advertisements. Because of this, all you have to do when you’ve made up your mind is click on the image that best represents your preference. Right away, before you download the content, you may view a brief technical summary that includes the title, director, cast, synopsis, genre, release year, and more.


Subtorrents is the best place to find and download movies and TV shows in their uncut, high-definition, subtitled forms. Here you may get Torrent without spending a dime. In addition, unlike other websites, the download link will always work.

Because of how carefully the interface was designed, there is very little advertising. You won’t have any trouble stumbling onto action, adventure, horror, science fiction, comedy, etc. films. The movies are appropriately sorted so that you may look for a certain release date, format (DVD, 3D, etc.), or genre. There’s no denying that it’s a viable alternative to the ubiquitous DonTorrent.

An alternative to DonTorrent is more than just a website for movies and TV shows; it’s a search engine. If you’re looking for BitTorrent files, is like Google. You may use it to look up your favorite film in the databases of thousands of websites to check whether it’s available as a Torrent download.

You may be able to find more movies here than on other platforms because of the way it operates. Nevertheless, as a drawback, this page has a very basic interface, and there is no assurance that the Torrent you are downloading is secure.

File-sharing website The Pirate Bay

There are many other BitTorrent download sites, but The Pirate Bay stands out from the crowd. You may find any type of multimedia content on this search engine because it has access to an enormous database. It’s almost unthinkable that you wouldn’t be able to track out and download your preferred films.

It works quite well as a replacement for DonTorrent. It’s user-friendly despite being written in English, and there isn’t much advertising on it. In addition, you may communicate with other visitors to the site through its forum, which is home to one of the most active online communities in the whole world.


If the thought of just watching your favorite movie while downloading free content occurs to you, then Repelisplus. id is what you’re looking for. One of the most well-known websites for streaming movies, TV shows, and anime is this one right here. Its recognition is a result of the high-quality content and the well-designed, user-friendly interface.

But, as you may have seen, downloading content from this website is not permitted. All content must be accessed using the service’s native interface; in other words, you can’t use a BitTorrent client because you won’t need to download anything.


You can find TV shows and movies in both torrent and direct download formats on GranTorrent’s user-friendly interface. You need to select your preferred download method to get started.

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