A new collection of the acclaimed puzzle game Monument Valley is coming to PC just like jordan ultra fly 2.

One of the studio’s vintage games is being brought back by Alba: A Wildlife Adventure.Like jordan ultra fly 2A new collection of the acclaimed puzzle game Monument Valley is now available on PC.The renowned mobile game Monument Valley is coming to PC through Steam, according to developer ustwo games (opens in new tab). All of the DLC made available for each of the games is also included in the two collections, Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition and Monument Valley 2: Panoramic Edition.The amazing visuals in each game in the collection have been enhanced from the original portrait perspective to an incredibly wide 21:9 aspect ratio. In order to assist the game’s two main protagonists, Ida and Ro, in their quests for self-discovery, players must solve a variety of puzzles that involve manipulating the built environment, discovering secret passageways, and other things.You may choose to buy simply the first Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition game for £6.99/$7.99, the second Monument Valley 2: Panoramic Edition game for the same price, or both collections in a bundle with a 15% discount on Steam if you want to test out the BAFTA award-winning titles.

Programmer at ustwo games Kirsty Keatch discussed the difficulties involved in bringing a mobile game to the PC in a behind-the-scenes video(opens in new tab) discussing the creation of the new collection. She said the team had to take into account the differences between touch controls and more precise mouse interaction.Senior programmer Gianluca Vatinno commented on the larger field of vision in this edition of Monument Valley in the same behind-the-scenes film, saying, “There’s something so delightful about having all this more area to play with in the Panoramic Edition.”What if we told you that ustwo games is also the developer of the similarly calming games Alba: A Wildlife Adventure and Assemble With Care? Would that be enough to persuade you to try out these games on PC?Along with having been downloaded more than 100 million times, Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 have also received 29 honours, including the BAFTA British Game Award in 2015 and the Game Awards Best Mobile Game in 2017.

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