35 mejores páginas para ver películas online gratis

Who doesn’t love the convenience of seeing a movie in their own home? For this reason, we’re going to provide you with some of the best places to watch free movies online. There are so many that you won’t be able to decide which to use to watch movies online, since they’re all top-notch. Check out the one you like most since we provide the internet’s most comprehensive free movie online without intrusive advertising.

35 sitios web para ver películas en línea gratis

If you’ve already read our guides on how to download movies from Torrent, how to get free movies to watch online, and how to unblock Netflix so you can watch movies from any country, we have one more list of websites you can’t afford to ignore for you to peruse. You may find many full-length movies there, including the best in cinema, all of which are available for no cost and come from legitimate sources. The reading must go on!


Although there have been several attempts to shut down the historic Argentine portal Cuevana, it has just reemerged under new control. This website has been around since 2009, and it has quickly become a popular destination for those looking to watch the best in television shows and movies.

This website has thousands of movies available to watch online, including both new releases and old favorites, so if you’re looking for your favorite film, you could just find it here. The most recent and hard-to-find films may be found there with the classics that have made the store famous.


Although it’s a relatively new website, PelisgratisHD offers a decent collection of films. It’s a site dedicated to movies and television shows in high definition (HD), including subtitles and audio in English, Spanish, and Catalan. You’ll have many of filtering options to help you find what you’re want quickly.

It’s impossible you won’t find what you’re looking for with such a wide selection of TV shows, movies, dramas, and anime, and the site’s handy search bar certainly doesn’t hurt your chances. Movies on this site are sorted into genre-specific sections, making it simple to choose a good flick that suits your tastes.

Even if the interface and the port are a bit sluggish, it charges quickly and runs smoothly. As a result, it’s a great option for watching movies online without spending a dime.


When compared to other websites, it takes a while for new episodes and movies to be uploaded. Nevertheless, the content that is uploaded is of high quality, so it may be worth the wait if you want to watch TV with high-quality audio and video.

In addition to displaying content in its native language, Pelispedia now displays content in Spanish with subtitles. As an added bonus, their extensive catalog has several cinematic classics that might be difficult to find elsewhere. A great place to watch free movies and TV shows online.

Pelisplus. ac

Great variety of new episodes and a robust search function to help us locate our favourite TV shows and movies online in a matter of seconds. If one of your links has broken, you’ll be prepared with a variety of backup plans.

It’s a movie streaming site that focuses on Marvel and DC films in particular. Fans of these franchises will find this to be their go-to destination for watching free movies online.

Pelisflix. one

An exciting website that not only divides films and TV shows by year and genre but also by the studio, with a dedicated section for DC and Marvel productions. If you’re looking for a good alternative to Netflix, this is it. Their content is updated almost in real-time, so you can watch the latest episodes right as they’re released on Netflix.


You may find each and every movie and TV show imaginable on this website.

Unlike similar products, it also includes a list of the most popular models so you can stay on top of the latest fashions. The catalog is among the most comprehensive you’ll find, and it has content in the original language as well as Spanish subtitling and dubbing.

Pluto. tv

If you’d rather not pay for cable, you can watch your favorite shows and movies online for free here every day.

The interface is well-organized, and updates are made often to the underlying software. The streaming service requires no sign-up or information disclosure, and it’s free to use. Yes, some advertisements will show up, albeit they won’t be as intrusive as other alternatives.


If animated films and online video series (OVAS) are more your speed, you’ll find just about everything you could want in this genre here, in the original language and with subtitles in other languages. Indeed, there will be times when you have to watch commercials and wait a few days before you can see the next episode. In exchange, they’ll sell you a membership — though you needn’t feel obligated to.

Flicks that are a total loss.

You may watch free movies online in a wide variety of quality, from Blu-ray to HD 1080p, with or without subtitles, and even the newest releases. The one catch is that the platform is only available in English, but even so, it’s straightforward and simple to use.


With a straightforward interface, the focus is squarely on showcasing top-notch films, both new and old. Has a search function and the option to narrow results by year, gender, etc.

This website is now unavailable due to maintenance, but it will likely restore its full lineup of TV shows and movies in the near future.


It’s great if you like everything to be straightforward and simple; the site’s homepage features a search bar, category filters, and thumbnail previews that make it easy to locate movies and TV shows; and the area also lets you know how high-definition (HD) or low-def (low-res) a particular title is.

With such a comprehensive and often updated catalog, you can see all the latest releases as soon as they hit the shelves.


After several failures, CineCalidad continues to provide the goods. This website’s best feature is that it lets you skip to the most popular movies or save them to watch later, thereby saving you time.

The audio is available in both English and Latin American Spanish. There is also a Telegram channel that updates you on the latest premieres and other developments.


We just could not leave off such a classic as Miradetodo from our selection. In addition to movies, you can catch up on the most recent episodes of your favorite shows, all in HD quality. The website is now down, but its developers have our hope that they will resume their work soon so that we may once again enjoy the wide selection of films to which we have been used.

Hdfull. be

While it does have a huge library of films, the focus here is on quality rather than quantity; all of the movies you’ll find here are in high definition, so it’s worth your time to check it out.

The most well-known films are featured on its cover. It also has a wide selection of TV shows organised by year and genre.


Has a minimalist design that speeds up its load time, making it suitable even for slow connections; however, removing advertisements requires registration, which may be avoided if preferred.

Series from Netflix and Disney+, as well as a curated selection of the best TV shows and movies, can all be found in their library. You may filter your search results based on the genres you like most, making this a great option.


The best of cinema may be viewed here for free on one of the most visited websites in the world. A few drawbacks are its dated aesthetic and the abundance of intrusive advertisements.


That this website is only available in English is a major drawback. But, they have one of the best and largest libraries available, and they also provide content in 1080p.


Kanopy’s lack of distracting advertisements is a major plus. Subscribing to a school or library that offers this service will give you access to their extensive film collection.


Since its launch in 2013, Gnula’s catalog has steadily expanded to include high-quality Spanish- and English-language films. Unfortunately, the site is currently experiencing some difficulties.


MoviesPlanet is the place for you if you want English-language films. Quick, user-friendly, trustworthy, and loaded with high-definition content sums up its interface.


The Rotten Tomatoes score that each film received on that website is included in Yidio. Attention, not all content is free.


This website only hosts high-quality movies. In addition, you won’t have to deal with any annoying ads. You may find movies and TV shows here.


You may find free movies organized here by genre including horror, action, suspense, and more. Read the descriptions of each room before entering to save time.


It has free English-language movies that you can watch online, making it a great choice if you like to watch films in their native language.


Incorporates both new and established films, as well as animation and a range of quality levels, with an emphasis on recent releases to theatres. The welcome page loads quickly is simple to understand, and neatly categorizes upcoming premieres for easy access.

If you’re located in Spain or another country with restricted access, you’ll need to use a virtual private network (VPN) to gain entry.

TV Show: Las-pelis

Just focusing on movies, this website offers a wide variety of new releases and older films, all of which are of high quality. Allows searching both by year and by country.

Although the interface is straightforward, some users may find the homepage to be overly cluttered. Moreover, advertisements might be annoying since they are difficult to avoid.

You can access the internet, but only through a VPN or by using Opera or the Tron Browser, both of which have their own built-in censorship bypasses.


To make it easier to find what you’re looking for, all of the movies available online are categorised both by genre and by release date. Also available in original or Spanish-dubbed versions with optional subtitles.

Links can be seen in Opera even if a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is required to access the content.

Watch Movies on Fmovies.to

One of the few online movie streaming services with respectable video quality and a wide range of viewing options.

FMovies.to makes it easier to find what you’re looking for by categorizing its content according to country, genre, popularity, and so on. We suggest this as one of the best places to watch free movies online.

The problem with this website is that it is blocked in some countries; however, this is easily circumvented by using a virtual private network (VPN) or Opera, which has its own VPN built right in.


You may pick movies from various genres or see the latest releases. In addition, you may sort them by language, choosing from English, Spanish, and Castilian Spanish. This website has a lightning-fast loading interface and little perceptible advertising.

Includes recommended films, updated films, films suitable for children, and new releases. The best part is that there is no sign-up required and it is completely free.

The network is live, but only a virtual private network (VPN) will allow you to access it from, say, Spain (Opera y Tor te pueden ayudar en este caso).


When compared to the other websites we looked at, this one had by far the most comprehensive and varied catalog. But, it is now unavailable in EU member states. Use a virtual private network (VPN) if you are located in Spain.


Have a filtering system to sort your films by various criteria. A huge plus is that everything is written entirely in Spanish.


This website is great since you can download movies and watch them offline. Moreover, Spanish-language content is provided.



If you want to be abreast of the latest developments in the film industry, you may check out this website, which displays its most recent releases in a prominent location at the top of every page.



It’s one of the freshest online destinations right now. It’s quite content-rich, flows well, and has minimal advertising. You’ll find both new and classic films in their collection.

Gives an error message if accessed from Spain, however using a virtual private network (VPN), it appears to be accessible from anywhere in the world.


The well-thought-out layout of this page allows it to look great on every device. Not only is their advertising subtle, but they also provide a growing library of over 10,000 full-length movies at no cost.


The most often asked question is “Where can I watch movies online for free with no signup required?”

There are several sites where you may watch movies without signing up. Here are some of the best-known examples:


How do you watch free Spanish-language movies online?

For free Spanish online movie viewing, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is your best bet. It will safeguard your computer while granting you access to regionally restricted content. It will allow you to access geo-blocked content, such as streaming movies and TV shows, without any hassle.

So, now that you know about the 35 best websites to watch new release movies online for free, what are you waiting for? You can trust these free movie streaming sites not to take advantage of you. We also advise you to keep an eye out for our next articles, as we will continue to bring you the best information on the web so that you may enjoy premium content at no cost.

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